A Cysty-Dance with Death

Previous Slaughterhouse Clive
Next None
Location C&P Boarst Factory - Monarch
Rewards 1,125 Bit Cartridge
28k XP
Clive's Cleaver

A Cysty-Dance with Death is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Clive Lumbergh, owner of the C&P Factory, has made a counter offer to the price SubLight's Catherine Malin put on his life. If you betray her, he'll reward you.

A Cysty-Dance with Death Objectives


A Cysty-Dance with Death Walkthrough

This quest is obtained by confronting Clive in the C&P Boarst Factory on Monarch and convincing him to let you kill Catherine Malin.

The easiest way to kill Catherine is to Sneak Attack her from behind and hide in corner until the guards are no longer alert. Killing her will net you 12000 XP. However, if you do this you will Botch the Slaughterhouse Clive quest, and you cannot complete both of these quests. Additionally, all SubLight personnel in Monarch will become hostile to you and you gain massive negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping.

Speak to Clive to get 28000 XP and max Positive Reputation with C&P Boarst Factory. You'll also gain 1,125 Bit Cartridges and the Unique Weapon: Clive's Cleaver.

You can take the cans of Boarst off the table in the next room and speak to Clive about them to gain 625 Bit Cartridges.

A Cysty-Dance with Death Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??



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    • Anonymous

      No SubLight personnel became hostile. I walked into her office and shut the door behind me. I spoke to her and chose the attack alternative. Only 8 negative rep with heroic charm and SAM's cleaner perk.

      • Anonymous

        Had no idea i can talk to Clive. I just edited the records and bolted. Should have read this walkthrough first.

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