A Small Grave Matter

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Location Edgewater Cemetery - Emerald Vale
Rewards 1200 XP
300 Cartridge Bits
Spacer's Choice Reputation Up
(150) More if you Persuade him

A Small Grave Matter is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds. Tasks are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Silas, the local gravedigger, asked you to collect money from a few workers late on their payments.

A Small Grave Matter Objectives

  • Collect Ludwig's Gravesite Fees
    Ludwig is one of the four people Silas sent you to collect from. He's stationed as a guard at the Landing Pad southeast of Edgewater.
  • Collect Conrad's Gravesite Fees
    Conrad is one of the four people Silas sent you to collect from. He runs a barber shop in Edgewater.
    Conrad says he can't afford to pay his fees. It might be worth mentioning this to Silas.
    You found a note from Phyllis to Conrad. Perhaps you could use the information from it to convince Conrad to pay his gravesite fees.
  • Collect Abernathy's Gravesite Fees
    Abernathy is one of the four people Silas sent you to collect from. He's been feeling under the weather and is probably at his residence.
  • Collect Phyllis's Gravesite Fees
    Phyllis is one of the four people Silas sent you to collect from. She works as a supervisor in the Edgewater cannery.
  • Return to Silas
    You finished collecting gravesite fees from the people of Edgewater. Return to Silas.


A Small Grave Matter Walkthrough

Quest obtained by talking to Silas at the entrance of Edgewater, in the Emerald Vale. Silas wants you to collect overdue grave fees from several other workers.

Ludwig Miller can be found at Edgewater Landing Pad, just outside Edgewater to the southeast. When you talk to him, you'll learn he fears an impending war against machines. Go along with it and offer to help, the pass a Persuade (5) to get 60xp and 75x Bit Cartridge for enlisting and obtain the quest Die, Robot. When you deal with the robot he will tell you there's a weapon in the Cantina's lavatory. After, mention Silas and he will pay up assuming Silas has heard the calling. You can lie (5) to get some extra loot out of him.
Alternatively: You can kill him and collect his fees, but you will lose Reputation with Spacer's Choice. You can steal from his place and get: Spacer's Corona 1x, Light Ammo 12x, Energy Cell 5x, Heavy Ammo 15x, Adreno 1x, Bypass Shunt 1x, Tossball Stick, Bit Cartridge 3x, Necklace 1x, Thinking Cap-let 1x, Toughened (Armor Mod) and Mag-2-Zap (Weapon Mod). 

Conrad Sadik is located in the Barber Shop inside Edgewater. You can talk to him and find out he is quite happy with his position at Edgewater, but he is broke and cannot afford the gravesite fee. He will offer his apologies and acceptance to have his Medical Rights revoked as he will have to default on this payment. He reveals he had the plague and was deemed worthy of treatment, but since the barber shop is not profitable he has spent his savings to keep it afloat. Tell him to give Silas an "I owe you". He will need something to give as collateral. Go to the back room and inspect a ledger and you'll find a note from Phyllis mentioning a receptionist's suicide and asking Conrad to pull the teeth. You can find the Golden Teeth items at the Botanical Labs greenhouse and bring them back, then use Persuade (1) and tell him that you have them. You will then receive 360xp and complete this portion of the quest.
Alternatively: You can kill him for his Gravesite Fee but you will lose Reputation with Spacer's Choice. You can also steal Bit Cartridge 15x, Light Ammo 12z, Light Pistol, Mock Apple Juice 1x, Mock Apple Cider 1x, Weapon Parts 2x, Necklace 1x.

Martin Abernathy can be found in his home inside Edgewater. You can easily talk him into paying you his Gravesite Fee (360xp), and he'll give you the Quest: The Long Tomorrow if you agree to help him retrieve the medicine cache from the Community Center, as the company policy excludes him from treatment. You can steal a Bypass Shunt, Tossball Card Thomas B. Henry, Energy Cell 3x, and Light Ammo 7x from his place.
When you exit the house, you will meet Esther Blaine, who will tell you not to give the medicine to Abernathy but instead give it to her. See The Long Tomorrow for details.

Phyllis Granger can be found at the Saltuna Cannery, on the upper ramparts. She is the foreman and not a pleasant conversationalist, so get to the point and ask her about the gravesite fees. She will immediately pay up. You will notice that the papers are not signed in her name. She will reveal she's paying for one of her worker's grave. Since Eugene "vandalized company property" by killing himself, Phyllis has to pay for discovering it. Talk to her again and mention the letter to Conrad if you want to get a rise out of her.


A Small Grave Matter Rewards

Speak to Silas after you have all 4 Gravesite Fees for 1200 XP and 300 Cartridge Bits. You can Persuade (6) him to give you 150 more. You will also gain positive reputation (about 14% toward agreeable)



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    • Anonymous

      I saw in the original video a scene where you need to pick between shooting 1 of two people, having played the game a few times now i have not come across this quest! does anyone know it's name or if it is really in the game?

      • Anonymous

        You can also pickpocket all of the gravesite fees including, oddly enough, Conrad's. This bypasses a lot of dialogue and running around

        • Anonymous

          After you've found Eugene's teeth at the Botanical Centre you can give them to Silas, Conrad or Phyllis. Phyllis seems to be the only one willing to pay you for them, however (500).

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