All Halcyon in a Day

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Location Bureau of Exploration - Byzantium
Rewards 15,000 XP
The Board Reputation Up
Unique Armor: Certified Explorer's Hat

All Halcyon in a Day is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds. Tasks are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Alonzo Vallejos of Byzantium's Bureau of Exploration has asked you to participate in a guided tour across the Halcyon system.

All Halcyon in a Day Objectives

  • Find the First Beacon
    Alonzo explained that the tour consists of locating a series of beacons, the first of which lies somewhere on Byzantium.


All Halcyon in a Day Walkthrough

Speak with Alonzo Vallejos in the Bureau of Exploration in Byzantium and accept his offer to obtain this quest.

The first beacon is located in a corner in Prosperity Plaza on Byzantium right under the Rococo's Decor sign. This will net you 3,420 XP.

The second beacon is located in Emerald Vale north of Edgewater. It's just east of the Abandoned Industrial Zone, and is guarded by some Primals. Defeat them and loot it. This will net you 3,420 XP

The third beacon is located on Scylla west of the landing pad. It's located just outside the barrier so you'll have to ninja out and grab it and back in before you die. You'll only have a couple of seconds. This will net you a further 3,420 XP.

The last beacon is located outside Stellar Bay on Monarch. It's a good ways southwest and is guarded by a few Canids. You'll gain 3,420 XP for picking it up.

Return to Alonzo and speak with him to find out the tour is fake, and was shut down long ago by The Board. Alonzo started it back up to gain recordings of mercenaries dying gruesomely for ratings. You'll gain 15,000 XP for completing the quest and The Board Reputation Up, as well as a Unique Armor: Certified Explorer's Hat.

All Halcyon in a Day Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??



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    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure which is worse - that he was trying to get you killed or that he was stupid enough to admit it. Finished the quest and shot him in the face. No regrets (or rep loss).

      • Anonymous

        Easiest way to get Scylla one is use your tactical time dilation and eat a bunch of consumables before you sprint in. Great guides overall!

        • Anonymous

          You can murder him and the cashier with no effect on your reputation. Only tried this after the mission was complete.

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