Tier: 2
Cost: 1 Perk Point
Bonus: 25% Quiet Weapon Damage

Assassin in The Outer Worlds is a Perk. Assassin is a perk that allows quiet weapons deal more damage. A weapon is considered Quiet if it Noise. Perks are benefits that both players and companions can acquire to further increase a Skill or to gain various buffs.

Assassin Information

  • Quiet weapons deal more damage. A weapon is considered Quiet if it Noise Range is 2.5m or less.
  • +25% Quiet Weapon Damage

Assassin Acquisition

  • Assassin is found under Tier 2
  • Applied Science is a perk exclusive to Peril on Gorgon DLC
  • Assassin requires 1 Perk Point to unlock

Assassin Notes and Trivia

  • Two Long Guns have a noise range of 2.5m or less when modded with Whisper Quiet Muzzler: Plasma Carbine UltraPlasma Rifle 2.0.
  • Three Handguns have a noise range of 2.5m or less when similarly modded: Bolter Pistol, Bolter Pistol 2.0, Light Pistol Mk 2.
  • Players can unlock multiple perks
  • In order to unlock the next perk tier, players will have to unlock a certain number of perks
  • Players obtain one perk point for every 2 levels gained or through gameplay such as completing Quests or accepting a Flaw
  • Players can respec their Perk points by spending 500 Bit Cartridges at first and the amount doubles and further increases each time you decide to respec your points.



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    • Anonymous

      The worst perk ever. The Sublight Sniper Rifle says "A silent sniper rifle that does more damage, for all of your "salvage" needs." Except it's too loud for this perk. Still the base 3.5m radius as the deadeye AR with the whisper quiet muzzler.

      • Anonymous

        Not at all worth using unless you really like the plasma rifle. Even with the hushgrip, most effective melee weapons are still too loud for this perk to take effect.

        • Anonymous

          This perk does not appear to function with ranged weapons even when said weapons are under the effect of the whisper muzzle that then makes the noise generated stat within the stipulated margins that this perk should influence.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely worthless perk, as the two weapons that would benefit from this the most (Hunting rifle and deadeye rifle) are too loud even with a whisper quiet muzzler.

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