At Central

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Location Byzantium - Prosperity Plaze
Rewards 9000xp
1125 Bit Cartridge
The Board Reputation Up

At Central is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Maverick Johnston, a Byzantium film producer, thinks you've got the makings of a star! He invited you to audition for the lead role in his film.

At Central Objectives

  • Attend the Audition
    Maverick said the audition would be held on the top floor of the Odeon Pictures Building.
  • Break a Leg!
    Enter the soundstage and put on a show
  • Talk to Maverick
    Review your performance with Maverick


At Central Walkthrough

Accept Maverick Johnston's offer when he speaks to you on the street of Prosperity Plaza in Byzantium.

Head to Odeon Pictures near the Bureau of Exploration in Byzantium, and take the elevator up. Use the intercom on the wall and speak to Maverick Johnston. He'll tell you that the other actors have real weapons and you'll gain 9000 XP and the quest will update.

Head inside the now open door and move to the quest marker to automatically initiate dialogue with the Actor. In the course of the dialogue, you'll have opportunities for the following checks: Lie(40), Intelligence, Intimidate(65), Engineering (40), and Intimidate (100), (150) with Perils on Gorgon installed. At the end of the scene, you can <Attack> and kill all of the actors, or you can choose any other option to end the scene peacefully. Either way you'll gain 9000 XP and Maverick will want to speak to you.

Speak with Maverick to gain a further 9000 XP, 1,125 Bit Cartridges (2,188 if you killed the actors), and a Board Reputation increase (4% if Maverick was unimpressed, 10% if he was impressed). Maverick will be impressed with your audition if you pass at least two out of three of the Lie (40), Intimidate (65), and Intimidate (100) checks, regardless of what other choices you make. Alternatively, if you kill the actors he will be impressed no matter what (with different dialogue depending on whether or not you also passed the aforementioned checks). Otherwise, he is unimpressed.


At Central Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 9000xp. 1125 or 2188 Bit Cartridge, 4% or 10% The Board Reputation.



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    • Anonymous

      In the "dumb" play through, you can answer with "dumb" dialogue options which will end in attacking the actors and Maverick will comment about how you have the ability to speak to the common man.

      • Anonymous

        You can also skip the whole dialogue and just outright kill the actors, in which case Maverick has a different line. But reward-wise this is not the best option.

        • Anonymous

          Had a glitch occur where Maverick attacked me after I completed the scene. Possibly caused by me destroying the camera drone?

          • Anonymous

            Dumb dialogue options are probably the best possibility here i got 14 rep and the actors attacked me on their own

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