At the End of the Spectrum

At the End of the Spectrum Task
Previous N/A
Next N/A
Location RR&DD Labs, Purpleberry Orchards
Rewards Spectrum Gatling

At the End of the Spectrum is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds, available with the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Tasks are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


You found the Rizzo's Spectrum Gatling sealed inside a case inside the RR&DD Labs' Head Research Lab. The terminal said the weapon required all 8 flavors of Spectrum Vodka before it can be used.

At the End of the Spectrum Objectives

  • Collect all 8 variants of Spectrum Vodka
  • Unlock the Rizzo's Spectrum Gatling Case


At the End of the Spectrum Walkthrough

This Task can be acquired during or after the main quest A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry. When you are at the RR&DD Labs, you can inspect the case in the middle of the room that Dr. Blossom was in.

You will need to collect all 8 flavors of Spectrum Vodka. These are found in a variety of places all over Eridanos and some can even be purchased from the shops and bartenders around.

The easiest way to complete this is to go to the Distillation Station. From the room with the giant Rizzo's mascot head, take the Southern door which leads to a bar. All 8 flavors of the vodka will be scattered all around the bar.

Once you've collected all flavors, head back to the terminal at the RR&DD Labs to complete the task and collect the Spectrum Gatling Science Weapon.


At the End of the Spectrum Rewards

Unlocks quest: N/A

Other Rewards: Spectrum Gatling


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