Auntie Cleo

 Auntie Cleo is a corporation operating in the Halcyon System.

Auntie Cleo is one of the Factions in The Outer Worlds. Auntie Cleo can be found operating at LOCATION. Factions are special groups and allegiances that the player can join or fight depending on different choices or interactions.


Information about Auntie Cleo

Auntie Cleo brings millenia of scientific research and advancement to your nearest pharmaceutical outlet or convenience store. With everything from their "Auntie-Biotics" line of medicinal solutions to their straight-from-the-laboratory Tripicale foodstuffs, you're sure to find something for everyone.

Auntie Cleo: It's Better than nature!

Quests related to Auntie Cleo

  • By His Bootstraps:
    • Completing the quest will provide you positive reputation towards Auntie Cleo.
  • Vulcan's Hammer:
    • If you return the item to Orson Shaw you will get a positive reputation boost with Auntie Cleo
    • If you intimidate Orson Shaw you will get a 5% negative reputation loss with Auntie Cleo
  • The Amateur Alchemist:
    • If you give one of the samples to Vaughn you will receive a positive reputation boost with Auntie Cleo.
  • The Doom That Came to Roseway:
    • You will get a huge positive reputation boost for completing the quest. You can get a bonus positive boost if you didn't kill the Raptidons.


Reputation bonus


Status Positive Reputation Negative Reputation Effects
Neutral 0% - 29% 0% - 29% None
Nervous +80% +80% None
Agreeable 30% - 49% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -5%
Tolerant +80% 50% - 79% Vendor prices -5%
Friendly 50% - 79% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -15%
Understanding +80% 30% - 49% Vendor prices -15%
Revering +80% 0% - 29% Vendor prices -25%
Agitated 50% - 79% +80% Vendor prices +10%
Bitter 30% - 49% 50% - 79% Vendor prices +10%
Repulsed 0% - 29% +80% Vendor prices +50% - They will attack on sight.

Enemies related to Auntie Cleo

  •  ??


Npcs related to Auntie Cleo


Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot about Auntie Cleo

It is now possible to achieve 100% reputation with Auntie Cleo. All five quests must be turned in with charm at "Very High". If your charm is too low, you can drink alcohol which temporarily boosts personality attributes. Keep in mind that hangovers (which reduce your personality attributes) occur immediately after the boost effects expire.

  1. 1. Firstly, you need to save Jameson from the "By His Bootstraps" side quest before doing any other quest. This is because Jameson can die if you take too long.

    2. When you turn in Orson's prototype schematics from the "Vulcan's Hammer" side quest, do NOT use any speech checks since they will reduce your reputation.

    3. In "The Amateur Alchemist" side quest, re-calibrating the raptidon experiment (requires Science 50) will yield 2 samples. You must give both samples to Vaughn.

    4. During the side quest "The Doom That Came to Roseway" you have to kill all the outlaws. This includes Cassandra (you can free her first, pass the two speech checks for extra bits, persuade her to give you the data afterwards, and then kill her) and Lillian (recommend completing her side quest "Journey Into Smoke" first), and any other outlaws you find. When you finished all of that, report to Porter to increase your reputation.

    5. Also in the side quest "The Doom That Came to Roseway", make sure you gas the animals instead of killing them. When you turn in the quest to Anton, give him the data.



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    • Anonymous

      it certainly IS possible to reach 100% approval with maximum charm. i sided with cleo every time and didn't antagonize any of the boys; i avoided all the rapts i could in the research centre and made a double-dose of the aphrodisiac, both of which went to the cleo scientist. will try again on a new profile, but it absolutely CAN reach 100% as of the current patch

      • did every quest and didn't gain a single negative rep for this corp, i ended up only getting as high as "Friendly". It's the only rep ingame that isn't maxed for me, so i think this corp is suppose to go into more depth in a DLC.

        • Anonymous

          Fully completing the research quest for Anton with at least +1 chr(drink booze if you're at normal level) did it for me.

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