Bertie Cotton

Former VIcar acting on behalf of the OSI. Suffered psychological breakdown upon showing symptoms of plague. At-large and dangerous.

Bertie Cotton in The Outer Worlds is an Enemy. Enemies are categorized as humanoids, creatures, and possibly robots that are hostile to both the player and companions, they are usually found in various locations and carry valuable loot as well as XP.



Bertie Cotton Location & Notes

Players may find the Bertie Cotton at the following Locations:



Bertie Cotton Related Quests



Bertie Cotton Variants

Some enemies may have variants of their base form, each with its own set of resistances, armor, and possible loot.

Bertie Cotton

LvL: ?? - ?? HP: ?? - ?? XP: ?? - ??
Armor: ?? - ??
Weakness: ??? Resistances: ???
Loot Bertie Cotton's Finger






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