Canid's Cradle

Previous Radio Free Monarch
Next ??
Location Devil's Peak Station - Monarch
Rewards 16000xp
2188 Bit Cartridge
Soft Speaker

Canid's Cradle is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.


A UDL gunship has crashed on Monarch, and both MSI and the Iconoclasts desperately want it.

Canid's Cradle Objectives

  • See Where the Ship Lands
    They could still stick the landing...
    0/10 from the Monarch judges.
  • Retrieve the Gunship's Targeting Module
    Reach the ship and take the targeting module from its central terminal.
  • (Optional) Give the Module to Sanjar
    Go to Stellar Bay and give Sanjar Nandi the module to ally with MSI.
  • (Optional) Give the Module to Graham
    Go to Amber Heights and give Graham Bryant the module to ally with the Iconoclasts.
  • (Optional) Convince MSI and the Iconoclasts to Negotiate
    There's a chance for peace between MSI and the Iconoclasts, but you'll need to convince their leadership to go along with it.
    Sanjar says he's willing to negotiate, but only if Graham is replaced as a leader. The obvious alternative is Zora.
    Before Sanjar is willing to negotiate with Zora, he wants to see her employee review. Retrieve it from Cascadia and bring it to him.
  • Oversee the Negotiation
    Zora and Sanjar are meeting at the OSI Church outside Stellar Bay's Southern gate. Meet them there to help establish peace between MSI and the Iconoclasts


Canid's Cradle Walkthrough

This quest is triggered automatically when you flip the switch to restart Devil's Peak Station during the Radio Free Monarch quest. The crash site is just south from the Sulfur Pits, a location on the south-west of Monarch Wilderness.

Make your way there and a new location will unlock: Gunship Crash Site. As you enter, you can loot some corpses and then read the nearby terminal to gain some knowledge about the crash. You'll find out their crash was human error. Eject the Gunship Captain's Key and it will be added to your inventory. You can now access the rest of the ship.

Retrieve the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module and gain 3428xp. The quest will update giving you two separate options: side with Monarch Stellar Industries (talk to Sanjar, you will also get MSI Saltuna Searer) or side with the Iconoclasts (talk to Graham, you will also get The Good Word).

Talking to Sanjar

If you talk to Sanjar Nandi, you can ask him if he can call a truce, and point out that you read his reviews, and he can't do this alone. If you insist and point out he is good at details, he will ask who you'd expect him to work with. Offer Zora, as she has demonstrated to be rather level-headed. Sanjar says he's willing to consider it if he sees her review first - accept and you'll have to go to Rizzo offices in Cascadia to procure them. Head over to Cascadia and find the HR terminal on the ground floor of a large building to the right of the entrance. Read Executive Review - Zora Blackwood to find out she is highly praised and recommended employee of the month. Export it to obtain the Zora's Executive Review quest item. You can now return to Sanjar at Stellar Bay.

Sanjar will be very impressed by Zora's credentials and say that if you convince her, he'll be willing to discuss terms.

Talking to Zora

(Note: If you failed to complete the Sucker Bait quest following Pay for the Printer, Zora may simply refuse to co-operate, stating that your ideals are too similar to Graham's)

Travel to Amber Heights and Zora will stop you on your way to Graham. She thinks the Iconoclasts need a new leader, and proposes deposing Graham. Agree to support her confronting Graham. Go upstairs and Zora will tell Graham it's time to step down for the benefit of everyone. He will counter that his people are believers, not soldiers, and ask you why you're supporting this "mutinous blasphemer". Answer as you see fit, and Zora will bring up what you found out during the Sucker Bait quest, that Graham is to blame for the massacre. Graham will refuse to stand down and say you'll have to kill him. Kill Graham for 3425xp. You'll get negative Iconoclasts reputation and increased The Board reputation.

Talk to Zora, who is not thrilled about what happened. Tell her that her and Sanjar should negotiate. You'll need Persuade (55) or you can use intelligence and perception. Persuade works well, and she'll agree to meet him. You'll get 3428xp

The Negotiation

Fast travel to Stellar Bay Ruins (South) and head to the meeting point, the OSI church. You can push Sanjar by saying that Zora is ready to storm the city, or mention the Iconoclasts can support supply lines for Stellar Bay. A back-and-forth about Graham ensues, but you're pretty sure Sanjar was not involved. Eventually they will agree, rewarding you with 3428xp and the Peace of our Time trophy / achievement.

Completing the quest gives you 16000xp, the unique weapon Soft Speaker, and 2118 Bit Cartridge.


Canid's Cradle Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards: 16000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, and Unique Weapon: Soft Speaker



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    • Anonymous

      Sanjar said the guns and module was protection against the fauna, yet when the truce is formed, apparently the module isn’t needed anymore. Suspicious…

      • Anonymous

        Welp. I have no save to fall back on and help Zora’s team. Totally don’t remember even getting that mission. I guess it’ll go to Sanjar; the lesser of two evils. Barely.

        • Anonymous

          i'm sad i can't get them to cooperate because i didn't help get supplies for zora a zillion years ago..i don't want to kill sanjar...

          • Anonymous

            I felt like I really didn't want to give Sanjar the UDL info on a new tear gas to be used against protesters (Errors Unseen). So I tried seeing what killing him would do.
            It does free up the transmission tower for Radio Free Monarch, but when it comes to Canid's Cradle the flow becomes: team up with Zora to kill Graham, and then storm Stellar's Bay.
            So much more death and none of the minor NPCs seem to notice or care. It's really existentially sad.
            In the end I gave Sanjar the UDL experiment info rather than kill him... I figure the Board already has way worse things with which to last out against protesters - if they ever look at his email at all.
            Couldn't the writers have just given a Persuade 100 to get him to stop transmitting for 3 minutes!

            • Anonymous

              So I told Sanjar about truce and he said he would work on it and completed suckers bait and Zora said she needed a moment to think about everything (the massacre) so my only option is to get the chip. After I get it can I get the truce or do I have to choose a side. And if I do which one pisses the board more?

              • Anonymous

                [SPOILER] If you wish to avoid negative reputation with the Iconoclasts while deposing Graham, set your companions to passive and allow Zora to deal with him unassisted.

                • Anonymous

                  Where can i find Zora after completing the negations. I checked the medical building and base building in Amber Heights. Also checked around Stellar Bay. Both factions seems friendly as i can see the both factions troops in each others' cities.

                  • Anonymous

                    If Sanjar doesn't give you the option for a truce, try going to the ARMS building and read all the entries in the computer before deleting them. (The ARMS building the located just west of the North Gate to Stellar Bay)

                    • The Unique Weapon you get is dependant on your choice in this quest: . Side with Sanjar - get MSI Saltuna Searer . Side with Graham - get The Good Word . Make the peace between them - get Soft Speaker So, 2 of them are missed in your playthrough.

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