Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory

Bonus: +1 Persuade

Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory in The Outer Worlds is an Aptitude. Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory increases the Dialog Core Skill by adding a bonus to Persuade. Aptitudes are bonuses that increase your character's Skills, this feature is included during Character Creation and players can only choose one Attribute they desire.


No transaction is finished without a smile You live for the ka-chunk of a bit cartridge getting inserted right-side up, the redemption of loyalty points, and the promise of a good day.

"Come back real soon, buh bye now!" are more empty words - they're a promise and a standard you intend on carrying to the frontier.


Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory Information

  • Increases Persuade by 1 point
  • The Persuade skill is used in conversations and also has a chance to inflict Cower (crippling fear) when you first damage a Human target



Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory Notes and Trivia

  • Choosing an Aptitude only occurs during Character Creation
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia




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