Critical Hits

 Type Combat Stat

Critical Hits in The Outer Worlds is a Combat Stat. Combat Stats are passives, stats, objects or abilities that affect how the player interacts with the world.


Critical Hits Information:

  • All Weapons have a random chance to cause a critical hit with each successful attack. This can be found in the gun information under "Crit Chance"
  • Critical Hits cause extra damage. This can be found in the gun information under "Crit Damage"
  • Critical Hits can ignore the target's armor with a high weapon skill. This can be found in the gun information under "Post Armor Multiplier" 
  • This stat is affected by Intelligence




Notes and Tips:

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    • Anonymous

      if i have enouhg points in a skill to push a weapon's crit chance beyond 100% will i get a chance to do double crits or is it locked to just being 100% max?

      • Anonymous

        Is it just me, or are other players seeing two different crit chances per weapon type? My skill section says the points allotted boost 1-handed ranged crit chance by 50%+, and 2-handed crit chance by much less. However, when I inspect 1-h and 2-h guns, they both say 20% crit chance. Maybe the crit chance in the skill menu refers to my character with said weapon, and the crit chance in the weapon stat screen is the base crit chance for that particular weapon?

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