Crystpig Hoof

Weight: 0.10
Sell Value: 1.25
Item Price: ???

Crystpig Hoof in The Outer Worlds is an item categorized as Junk. Crystpig Hoof can be sold to a vendor in exchange for Bit Cartridges (Currency). Junk is an unusable random item that is obtained from enemies, looted from various Locations, given by NPCs, or possibly acquired as a reward from completing Quests.


The hoof of an adult Crystpig.

These hoovers are usually ground up and fed to crystpigs and wooly cows to supplement thier diet. They are rich in protein and hoofy goodness.


Cystypig Hoof Information

  • This item can be sold for 1.25 Bit Cartridges



Crystpig Hoof Location/Acquisition

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Crystpig Hoof Notes

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