The Outer Worlds DLC can be purchased by the player, for those who wish to have additional content to play. DLC usually contains pre-order bonuses, free additional content, paid packs, and game expansions. This page covers all relevant information regarding the following DLCs and Game Versions that are released. Players can purchase an expansion pass which includes the Peril on Gorgon DLC and the Murder on Eridanos DLC for $24.99. Players can also purchase the Spacer's Choice Edition for $59.99 that inlcudes the base game and all previously added content, remastered with graphics and improved overall performance of the game. If they already own the previous DLCs, they can upgrade to the Spacer's Choice Edition for $9.99.


The Outer Worlds All DLCs and Game Versions


The Outer Worlds Game Versions


spacer's choice edition dlc the outer worlds wiki guide
Spacer's Choice Edition

Standalone Price: $59.99
Upgrade: $9.99
Release Date: March 7, 2023

Spacer's Choice Edition is a brand new and upcoming game edition that features the base game, the previous DLCs Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos, and an overall revamp on the visuals and performance of the game. Players who already have The Outer Worlds and its associated DLC, Murder on Eridanos and Peril on Gorgon, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, or Windows Store), can upgrade to The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition for the latest console generation within that same console family or, if applicable, from that same PC store at a reduced purchase price of $9.99. If you don't have the other DLC's yet, you can purchase this for $59.99.


The Outer Worlds All DLCs


peril on gorgon dlc the outer worlds wiki guide 300px
Peril on Gorgon

Standalone Price: $14.99
Release Date: September 9, 2020.

In Peril on Gorgon, the hero and the crew of the Unreliable discovers a severed arm that holds a cryptic message which leads them to the Gorgon Asteroid. Gorgon was a former science outpost for Halcyon where countless disastrous experiments took place.

murder on eridanos dlc the outerworlds wiki guideMurder on Eridanos

Standalone Price: $14.99
Release Date: March 17, 2021.

In Murder on Eridanos, the hero is hired to investigate the murder of prolific Aetherwave Actress Ruth Bellamy, otherwise known as Halcyon Helen. This brand new storyline takes place on Eridanos, home to the Rizzo's line of beverage distilleries and their famed Purpleberry Orchards. Embark on a journey of intrigue and mystery as you solve the case of Halcyon Helen.

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