Damage Types

 Type Combat Stat

Damage Types in The Outer Worlds is a Combat Stat. Combat Stats are passives, stats, objects or abilities that affect how the player interacts with the world.


Damage Types Information:

  • There are 5 damage types in The Outer Worlds:
    • physical_icon_1_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_50pxPhysical: Weak against armor
    • plasma_icon_1_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_50pxPlasma: Good against flesh, weak against Mantisaurs
    • corrosion_icon_1_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_50pxCorrosion: Good against Armor, including Automechanicals, Mantisaurs, and Heavy Armor.
    • shock_icon_1_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_50pxShock: Good against Automechanicals.
    • n-ray_icon_1_the_outer_worlds_wiki_guide_50pxN-Ray: Bypasses Armor, weak against non-organic enemies.
  • Each Weapon has a different damage type that can be identified in the "Damage Type" information.
  • Some enemies can be vulnerable or resistant to different Damage Types.




Notes and Tips:

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    • Anonymous

      WHY is Corrosion damage better against armor..? nowhere does it say how it affects damage or armor.
      Does corrossion damage ignore 35% armor?? Does it apply a debuff that reduces enemy armor?? How does it work??

      • Anonymous

        Plasma with high science is the absolute highest damage weapon type in the game against everything but mantis and robos.

        But which is better against robos and mantis at 100 science... +33% shock or +25% corrossive? And which is better at 150 science with Peril on Gorgon? Are those 50 extra science points even worth it for dealing more damage?

        • Anonymous

          Aight so quick and to the point. corrosion and plasma are the 2 elements you want to use. use plasma for flesh/people and corrision for mantasaurs and robots. Ignore N-ray all together because it's damage is sometimes even worse than physical.

          • Anonymous

            Plasma better than corrosion vs heavy armored. Dont uderstnd in game how it work. Plasma weak vs manitsaurus, game say corr good vs they, but shock better. Dont uderstnd how it works, lol

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