Dealer's Stash Keycard
Location: Available in Peril on Gorgon DLC

Dealer's Stash Keycard in  is a Peril on Gorgon DLC Quest Item. Quest Items are items that are found and/or used by the player to advance certain Quests or to access locked areas. Quest items are usually obtained through finding, exploring, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs.


This keycard unlocks a hidden stash of Adrena-Time in one of the housing units in the Gorgon Ruins.


Dealer's Stash Keycard Information

  • The Dealer's Stash Keycard can be used to open a large bin in the Gorgon Ruins, in a small broken-open building just north of the fast travel marker and west of the elevator POI marker. the bin contains a large amount of Adrena-Time and Bits, as well as the Infested Flechette Gun.



Dealer's Stash Keycard Location/Acquisition

  • Available in Peril on Gorgon DLC
  • The Keycard can be found in the building north-west of the Secuirty Checkpoint Point-of-Interest in Gorgon Canyon. This is the area south, across a bridge, of the Gorgon Ruins fast travel location. 
  • The building containing the keycard is the western security checkpoint building, the door is locked and requires either the Gorgon Security Checkpoint Keycard or a lockpick skill of 45 and three (3) Mag-Picks. The keycard is sitting next to a broken terminal and a letter.



Dealer's Stash Keycard Notes

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