Dehydrated Water

just add air! Now available in carbonated.

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Effect: ???
Duration: ???
Type: ???
Weight: ???
Sell Value: ???
Item Price: ???

Dehydrated Water in The Outer Worlds is a Consumable item. Dehydrated Water is a tablet that gives the player the “sugary drink” buff. Consumables are items that are used by the player to gain special effects that are most likely to be used for exploration and battle. Consumable items may vary from medical supplies, food, drinks, and many more.


Water, without the hydrogen or the oxygen.


Dehydrated Water Information

  • Gives player “sugary drink” apon use giving them +1 body attributes 



Dehydrated Water Location/Acquisition

  • It can be acquired from any vendor that sells spacer’s choice
  • Indicate Location of the Consumable Item



Dehydrated Water Notes

  • Probably a reference to a real life “dehydrated water tablet” that in the real world is a joke item you can buy.
  • This item is a reference to "powdered water" that the narrator consumes in the book "The Night Land" by William Hope Hodgson as confirmed by Tim Cain in a YouTube comment for his video "Branding in The Outer Worlds".

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