Die, Robot

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Location Edgewater Landing Pad- Emerald Vale
Rewards 11430xp
500 Bit Cartridge
Spacer's Choice Reputation

Die, Robot is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Ludwig Miller, a guard watching over the landing pad south of Edgewater, is convinced that automechanicals are planning to wipe out humanity. He's asked you to help him wage a secret war against the mechanical menace.

Die, Robot Objectives

  • Deal with the Mechanical Scout
    Ludwig reports that he's spotted a forward scout of the mechanical arm north of the landing pad. As a test of your mettle, he's requested that you dispose of this scout in the name of humanity.
  • Return to Ludwig
    You repaired the "mechanical scout", which was just lost due to a dislodged navigation module. You should return to Ludwig.
  • Find Ludwig's Secret Weapon
    Ludwig revealed that he's tucked away a secret weapon in Edgewater, to be used in the event of a mechanical uprising. He's decided to entrust the weapon to you to aid in the crusade. The weapon should be in the bathroom of Edgewater's cantina.
  • Return to Ludwig
    You found the weapon that Ludwig had stashed in Edgewater. Return to him and learn how he intends to use it against the mechanical menace.
  • Retrieve a Logic Module
    The Geothermal Power Plant in the northwest portion of the region has been taken over by autochemicals. Ludwig wants you to infiltrate the plant and retrieve a logic module from one of the automechanicals there.
    A terminal log in the geothermal plant's security office mentioned that the logic unit has been locked in a storage room across the hall. You'll need to find the keycard to the room unless you can pick your way in. Perhaps the security chief had it on him?
    According to a terminal log, automechanicals turned hostile and began attacking the other workers. The plant's security chief responded by making his way down to the control room.
  • Return to Ludwig
    Head back to the landing pad and deliver the logic module to Ludwig.


Die, Robot Walkthrough

You will obtain this quest at the Landing Pad south of Edgewater in Emerald Vale. You should talk to Ludwig Miller there and go along with his theory of the mechanical uprising. He will give you the quest and you can then set off slightly north toward the Junkyard.

At the Junkyard, you will find a robot that needs fixing (Mechanics 38) - if you have Parvati she will fix it for you, and you can return to Ludwig. You will be rewarded with some XP, and he will reveal the location of a "Secret Weapon" in the lavatory in Edgewater's Cantina.

Go to the canteen and look behind the toilet, you can pick up Ludwig's Sealed Bundle. You will receive 1700xp.

Return to Ludwig at the Landing Pad, you will receive another 1700xp and Mag-2-Zap (Weapon Mod). You will need the Geothermal's Plant passcode, which you obtain by talking to Reed Tobson for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

Geothermal Plant Repair Bay (4F)

The first switch is found soon after you descend to the 4th floor. Activate the switch then explore a nearby room to find Jeremy has made its way here. Talk to Jeremy, and he will say the logic is defective and all other automechanicals must be permanently dismantled. Accept its offer and explore the area to further advance your understanding of the events. Namely, you can piece together that Spacer's Choice took an insurance policy on the plant, then altered the robot logic without telling local employees to create a catastrophe, so they might cash in the policy and increase their profits.

From the Repair Bay, take the staircase leading up and follow it to a room where you will find the Security Chief's Corpse. Loot the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard from it and pick up Light Machine Gun if you want. In this same room, if you have Chester's Passcode you can hack a terminal.

Geothermal Plant 5F

On the fifth floor where you first used the passcode, you can use Security Chief's Keycard to open the room containing Corrupted Logic Module. You can also loot Mag-Pick, Adrena-Time, Adreno and Weapon Parts from this room.

 Return to Ludwig at the Landing Pad to turn the item in and claim your reward.


Die, Robot Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: XP, Mag-2-Zap, 11,430xp, Shock-Stick (Unique weapon), Bit Cartridge, Spacer's Choice Reputation Up.



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