Dr. Eva Chartrand

Faction: The Board
Location: Byzantium

Dr. Eva Chartrand is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.



Dr. Eva Chartrand in The Outer Worlds

Eva Chartrand is a scientist desperately looking for a solution to Halcyon's problems by conducting extreme experiments that affect the nuclein of humans, making them less-than-human but more adaptable to the Halcyon system.

She is a scientist whose research was conducted on willing test subjects, all of whom were her colleagues and had agreed to be part of the effort.



Dr. Eva Chartrand Location

  • She can be found at her estate located at Byzantium.



Dr. Eva Chartrand Related Quests

  • The Chimerist's Last Experiment
  • If you have very low reputation with The Board, the guards will aggro without an option to persuade. Increase your reputation to get her to leave.
  • Endings: Your choices will affect the SubLight Salvage & Shipping ending and the future of the organization, but Dr. Chartrand will not be specifically mentioned and will not have an impact on Phineas Welles' research.


Ask her to work with Phineas Welles:

You can tell her to work with Phineas Welles, and she will agree and you'll gain 15000 XP and gain Negative Reputation with The Board. You'll have to convince the guard not to attack you as well by mentioning Sophia, persuading him (100) or bribing him with 2673 bits. When you return to Lilya Hagen you'll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp. Phineas Welles will make no mention of Dr. Chartrand, however.

Ask her to work with The Board:

You can tell her to work with The Board, and she will agree and you'll gain 15000 XP and gain Positive Reputation with The Board. You'll  have to convince the guard not to attack you as well. When you return to Lilya Hagen you'll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000xp.

Kill Her:

You can also kill her, which will net you negative reputation with The Board. Travel back to the Groundbreaker, speak to Lilya, and get 15000xp, 20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, SubLight VP Armor and the SubLight to the End Trophy / Achievement. You will also get a promotion to "Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions", and when you travel back to your ship you'll find SubLight Salvage Poster, and potentially a hand-written letter from Catherine Malin.



Dr. Eva Chartrand Dialogue

Dialog of NPC



Dr. Eva Chartrand Notes & Trivia

  • English voiced by: ??
  • Letting her live will cause Lilya Hagen to fire you. Whether she lives or dies, the questline will end when you return to complete this quest.
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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    • Anonymous

      Really, really dislike Obsidian's style of storytelling sometimes. I can convince the UDL trackers at the research station not to come aboard the station by telling them that another group of soldiers has already come aboard and killed me, despite the total absence of any other UDL ship in the area and the fact that my ship is still docked at the airlock w/o any signs of struggle, because I have talkie numbers. I can't convince a mob-boss that a woman who clearly doesn't have any ties to aliens clearly doesn't have any ties to aliens.

      I get that some people are just crazy, but, like... If they're going to treat talkie numbers like they're mind-control spells, they should at least be consistent about it.

      • Anonymous

        I would edit the wiki but i don't know if ending spoilers should be there so SPOILERS MAJOR SPOILERS TO ENDING OF THE GAME: Eva will not be mentioned in the ending credits at all, despite her important work being super important in conjunction with Phineas. You will receive the bad ending with Sublight though, and i doubt letting her work with the board would make a difference in both cases, making the only possible good ending the one where you kill her.

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