Elevator Operations Specialist

Bonus: +1 Engineering

Elevator Operations Specialist in The Outer Worlds is an Aptitude. Elevator Operations Specialist increases the Tech Core Skill by adding a bonus to Engineering. Aptitudes are bonuses that increase your character's Skills, this feature is included during Character Creation and players can only choose one Attribute they desire.


A proper lift goes up AND down. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't fit to wear the badge.

Being a Specialist means something where you come from - a commitment to upward and downward mobility that doesn't have a price tag.


Elevator Operations Specialist Information

  • Increases Engineering by 1 point
  • The Engineering skill reduces the Armor parts and Weapon parts needed to repair your equipment



Elevator Operations Specialist Notes and Trivia

  • Choosing an Aptitude only occurs during Character Creation
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia




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