Murder on Eridanos Quest
Previous Naked Hunch
Next The Bird Drug
Location Distillation Station
Rewards The Needler

Escape! is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Halcyon Helen is alive, and Administrator Ludovico is trying to seal you inside the distillery. Follow Helen and try to find a way out.

Escape! Objectives

  • Escape the Distillation Station
  • Meet with Helen


Escape! Walkthrough


This quest is acquired by siding with Halcyon Helen during Naked Hunch.

Follow Halcyon Helen as she moves through the Distillery from the other side of the glass. You will end up in a room with some devices spewing steam. Watch out for the steam and keep moving forward, enter the door you see on your right. In the next room, go around the railing to reach a terminal and pull the lever. Head for the door on the opposite side.

After a brief conversation with Helen, she instructs you to meet her at the Penthouse. Go back to the Hotel and speak with Helen in your room to learn of her plans and begin the quest The Bird Drug.


Escape! Rewards

Unlocks quest: The Bird Drug

Other Rewards: The Needler (Low Persuasion check with Helen)



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    • Anonymous

      You can aquire the Needler gun, by passing a persuasion speech check, during the conversation with Ruth/Helen back in the hotel penthouse. The Needler is one of the science weapons and is needed for the 'Spectrum Needler Buddy' trophy (PS4).

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