Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion

Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion Faction Quest
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Location Purpleberry Orchards, Eridanos

Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds, available with the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can choose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction.


Dewitt Hathaway, the Overseeing Orchardist of the Purpleberry Orchards, believes SLUG is sabotaging orchard operations due to a dispute over protection payments to SLUG. Until the cause of each mishap has been fully investigated, he refuses to come to any sort of deal with SLUG.

Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion Objectives

  • Inspect the Fried Console
  • Investigate the Dead Saplings
  • Stop the Exterminator Automechs
  • (Optional) Question the Rizzo's Intern


Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired by speaking to Dewitt Hathaway who can be found arguing with Clyde Eaton in his office to the right of the Purpleberry Orchards entrance on Eridanos.

He tasks you with investigating the sabotage happening to orchards operations and prove that SLUG is behind it. First he wants you to shutdown the Exterminator Automechs running amok in the Northeast of the orchards. You can either destroy them or hack the Exterminator Automech terminal near the center of the orchards, inside a cave opening of sorts. To the East of the automechs, you will find a small area walled-in with hedges. Inside is the fried console. Use your Discrepancy Amplifier to analyze it. It looks like some purple substance was splattered all across the console causing a short circuit. A little ways to the south of the console, you'll find a canister on the ground. Analyze it with your amplifier to determine that it's been contaminated.

You can return to Dewitt from here and choose whom to side with, gaining some reputation from the faction of your choice. Additionally, you can dig a little deeper. If you check the Exterminator Automech terminal in the center of the orchards, you can find some records pointing to an Intern who caused all of the mishaps. The intern is Anna Summers, who can be found at the Nursery Storage facility to the North. Head over and question Anna about each of the mishaps. You'll find that her intentions were good, but she is extremely clumsy and incompetent. She asks that you vouch for her with her boss Dewitt. You will have the option to stand up for Anna when you conclude the quest with Dewitt, maximizing your XP and Bit rewards.


Faithful to Thee, Rizzo's, In Our Fashion Rewards

Unlocks quest: N/A

Other Rewards: ??


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      Can't find Exterminator Automech terminal, although I already knew it was Anna Summer because I talked to her earlier and she reveals this, though I don't have the option at the end to say it was her.

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