Effect: -10 Melee Weapon Skills

Farsighted in The Outer Worlds is a Flaw. Farsighted is a flaw that (short explanation). Flaws are negative attributes that are acquired from certain causes, players are given the chance to accept or reject the flaw which is permanently applied to the player's stats if the player chooses to accept it.


Repeated eye injuries have made it harder for you to notice things close to you.


Farsighted Information

  • Permanently lowers Melee Weapons Skill by 10
  • Perk Point/s Acquired: 1


Farsighted Acquisition

  • Farsighted is acquired by repeatedly sustaining eye damage whilst using a gun.


Farsighted Notes and Trivia

  • Players can choose to accept or reject the Flaw
  • Choosing to accept a Flaw rewards the player with a Perk Point
  • Accepted flaws cannot be removed
  • A good Flaw for those who don't use Melee Weapons, as there are no other effects with the flaw


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