Foundation is one of the Main Quests in The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Edgewater has become a leech on the colony's dwindling resources. Adjutant Akande wants you to wipe out the town.

  • Use the Termination Protocol
    Adjutant Akande has a number of Spacer's Choice-brand automechanicals waiting at the Edgewater landing pad. She needs you to travel to the Emerald Vale Geothermal Power Plant and send the termination protocol from a terminal. The termination protocol will order the automechanicals to wipe out everyone in Edgewater.
  • Deal with the Automechanicals in Edgewater
    You sent the kill command, and the automechanicals should be attacking Edgewater now. Sophia wants you to go back to Edgewater and clean out the remaining automechanicals.


Foundation Walkthrough

This quest is obtained if you removed Reed from power during the Comes Now The Power quest and completed the Signal Point in Space quest.

This quest is also available if you complete Lost Signal by obtaining it during the quest The City and the Stars.

Travel to Edgewater Landing Pad and fast travel to the Geothermal Power Plant. Head inside and speak to Captain Hogarth. You can Persuade (80) him, Lie (80) to him or Lie (25) to him if you have the Constables Badge. Head forward and use the terminal at the nav marker to execute the command which will kill all the civilians there.

Fast travel to Edgewater if you set the mechanicals to attack the citizens, they will all be dead and you'll need to wipe out the mechanicals. Once finished travel back to Sophia. You'll gain 2,500 XP, 2500 Bit Cartridges and Positive Reputation with The Board. You will also gain the quest Kept Secret But Not Forgotten. You will also gain the Ludwig Was Right Trophy/Achievement for doing this.


Foundation Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??


There is an option available on the console to retarget the automechanicals on each other, but this is left over from Comes Now the Power and has no effect on the automechanicals in this mission.

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    • Have re reading about this, for future quests, and this can be obtained if reed was removed , but in the past , if set the robots to attack each other, the ow wiki for this mentions, that setting having no affect of further robot placements o.o ,

      • Anonymous

        I tried visiting Adelaide (the leader of the deserters), who can be found in Reed's old office in Edgewater; unfortunately there's no opportunity to warn the town of the impending attack. I also couldn't find the automechanicals to destroy them before they could go on their kill rampage. Disappointing there's no good way to betray Akande without simply shooting her, and given how detailed this game's quests are, the Foundation quest seems a little under-cooked.

        • Anonymous

          If you convinced the deserters to return to work, and made Edgewater profitable again, Sophia congratulates you and says you saved that colony. You get credit for finishing the quest and increase the board reputation. No killing necessary.

          • Anonymous

            Guys, !!! Gee's does no one read anything or google the ow wiki, you need to read the terminal at the geo thermal and harris or w/e his name name is, and then speaking to the crazy loon way down on the lower levels of lava controlled area, with a high enough speech you can get a quest update to change the robots targets to each but all you still .. Also if you fixed Jeremy , he will also help you kill bots... -- Jade River -

            • Anonymous

              I chose to kill Adelaide and leave Reed as leader and have everyone else rejoin the town. When it came to this quest all she said was "good job making this town so productive you've saved their lives."

              • Anonymous

                I "accepted" this quest with no intention of actually doing it. Injust wanted to avoid a fight with Akande. Now my crew thinks I'm serious, and I can't tell them I was lying.

                • Anonymous

                  The option to change targets is for the droids in the geothermal plant earlier in the game, it's irrelevant to this quest.

                  • Anonymous

                    The information here is plain wrong. There is no option to change targets. Such attempts will be met with 'ERROR'. The only non-error option is to redefine 'intruder'. But doing that changes nothing.

                    • Anonymous

                      I changed the definition of intruders to the automachnicals them selfs but wheb i excuted the command they still killed the enture town???

                      • Anonymous

                        This info seems to be wrong. I wanted to change the automechanicals' target to themselves but there was no such option. It seems the only two viable options are to kill Akande or to wipe out Edgewater.

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