Friendship's Due

Previous Recruit Felix
Next ??
Location Scylla
Rewards 43000xp
3600 Bit Cartridge
Harlow's Emblem

Friendship's Due is one of the Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds. Companion Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to further their relationship with party NPCs or their alliances.


Clyde Harlow, an old friend of Felix from his early days on the Groundbreaker, wants to meet him in person. Harlow told Felix he wants him to be a part of a revolutionary project

Friendship's Due Objectives


Friendship's Due Walkthrough

This quest is only available if you have recruited Felix into your party. Take him exploring with you and after you talk to the Information Broker during Radio Free Monarch you can initiate conversation, and he will ask you for a favor. Hear him out and accept to begin the quest.

Travel to Harlow's Base in Scylla and have Felix in your party when heading out. Upon arrival, you'll meet Voelker, who asks where you're going. Say you're with Felix and you'll be allowed through. Go inside and through the corridor to your right and you'll find Harlow and his canid, Marlow. Ask Harlow why you're here, and he will say that he is working on something big, and he wants Felix to be a part of it. Harlow wants to know where Felix's loyalties lie by finding and killing a traitor, Trask. He tells you to find RosanaTrask wife, in the Groundbreaker. You'll get 10,000xp and Harlow's Emblem. If you talk to Felix after this, he will agree that something feels off and it feels like Harlow intends to take advantage of him.

Head to the Groundbreaker and go to The Lost Hope, the local tavern and you'll find Rosana. Ask her about her husband Rufus and she'll say she's not on speaking terms with him. If you repaired the radiators for Junlei, you can bring this up as proof of character. She will reveal that Rufus is hiding in Emerald Vale, and you'll gain 10800xp.

You an ask some more questions and you'll find out Rufus was called in about a "revolution" in a similar manner to how Felix has been brought about.

Next you must travel to Emerald Vale and make your way northeast of the Botanical Lab, to a location called North Gulch. Talk to Rufus Trask and you'll learn that Harlow is a board asset engaging in board-sanctioned piracy. You should ask for proof, which will unlock an optional objective to uncover it. Let him live and take his ring instead. You'll get 10800xp

Head to Harlow's Base and pick up Stashed Receipts on your way to see him. This will give you 10800xp. You can talk to Felix, and he will reveal he's very surprised and having a hard time believing it. Go ahead and talk to Harlow and tell him Trask had a lot to say, then show him the evidence, and he will deny any wrongdoing. You can use Perception to point out that Harlow lied to you about Trask informing for the board; if you press him on this, he will lose his patience and he and his outlaws will attack you. Alternatively, you can ask him to explain himself to Felix, which prompts him to claim that he needed the Board's money to fund his revolution. Insulting him at this point will again cause him to attack you; otherwise, he will offer to take Felix into his ranks. You will then have the option of ordering Felix to stay with you (Determination 20), telling him (either kindly or callously) to make his own choice, or telling him (again either kindly or callously) to join Harlow. Completing this part of the quest will get you 10800xp.

Talk to Felix (if he's still in your crew) for another 10800xp and Harlow's Emblem, 3600 Bit Cartridge, and 43000xp.

  • If you read a nearby terminal, you'll find out what triggered the suspicions, and find out that Harlow was likely on the Board's side.


Friendship's Due Rewards

Other Rewards: Harlow's Emblem, 3600 Bit Cartridge, and 43000xp.


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    • Anonymous

      Anyone have issues with the dude hating you? Ever since I killed the cartographer Felix hates me, I wonder if it's effecting this mission.

      • Anonymous

        I accidentalky shot Voelker before talking to him. (They all looked like marauders to me!) Now Harlow is hostile and attacks on sight. I tried waiting it out but these NPCs dont seemed connected to a faction reputation and never reset. Any way to fix this? Playing on a switch. Dont think i can enter command lines....

        • Anyone tried using the speech lines like I never needed him anyway just see how those type lines played out , guess I'll have to make a temporary play thru to see, can't fins anything on you tube or googling....
          And yes these board have no edit button show, I have ad blocking accepting these pages, and this site and pages as green for go with any add block I use, still no edit show =/

          • Anonymous

            No idea how to edit the page (can't find the "save" button) so I'll just mention it here: Sophia Akande has something to say about Harlow if she's asked, also confirming he indeed worked for the Board.

            • Anonymous

              Can confirm, this bug does prevent the Complete All Companions Quest trophy from popping. The chatter online says - if you leave the Unreliable during the game when anyone is on a ladder in the ship - the game will kill off your character 'in code' but you will still be able to use them in game. This is the reason determined for this bug....it also effects the other companions so be careful. Hope this helped.

              • Anonymous

                Agreed. This quest is bugged. It becomes a Botched quest as soon as you take it. You can still go do the mission for Harlow but you will only have the option to kill Trusk as he will not engage you in conversation. Once killed, you visit Harlow again and are only left with giving him the ring. Talk to Felix on the Unreliable and it should be done. Note: You will get bit rewards and quest items will be added and removed from your inventory but you will not get any XP and the mission will be listed as Botched. I do not know if this effects the ability to get the Trophy related to finishing all Companion quests. Will update when I find out.

                • Anonymous

                  Bug: As soon as this quest was made available to me it said I failed, even though I could still go talk to Harlow. However, Neither Rosanna nor Trask would engage in dialogue with me.

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