Geographic Scanner
Mod Type: Utility
Mod Effect: Interactable Highlight Range +5m
Weight 0.50
Sell Value: 50

Geographic Scanner in The Outer Worlds is an Armor Mod. Geographic Scanner increases the range of seeing interactable objects. Armor mods improve and modify the stats of the existing Armor equipped by the player, there are several different kinds of Armor Mods including Skill Kit, Armoring, Utility, and Gadget.


Installs an external sensor netting, which detects interactable objects at an increased range.


Geographic Scanner Information

  • This mod can be attached to ???
  • This armor mod increases the range of seeing interactable objects within your range by 5m



Geographic Scanner Location/Acquisition

  • Can be purchased for 800 Bit Cartridges - Spacer's Choice Insta-Merch



Geographic Scanner Notes

  • Mods can only be installed when you modify an Armor using a Workbench
  • IMPORTANT: Mods can't be removed once they're used, so put them on your favorite gear



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    • Anonymous

      Only takes effect when it's in the player character's armor. Stacks with the perk "The Collector". Putting this in a companion's armor will not increase the range.

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