Gloop Gun

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Company UDL
DPS 62 Shock
Item Lvl 15
Skill Heavy Weapons
Damage 75
Magazine Size 30 (Energy)
Special Effects N/A
Modifications N/A
Weight 10.00
Sell Value 750

Gloop Gun is a Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds


The Gloop Gun was designed to supress workers and angry mobs. It lobs a mass of "Gloop" that splatters across a wide area. It both shocks and weakens those effected, and more surprisingly, levitates them in the air temporarily. Increasing your Science skill increases the weaken duration.


Gloop Gun Information

The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type Energy Magazine Size 30 (Energy)
Skill Heavy Weapons Effective Range 40m
Damage Type Shock Max Range 200m
Damage 75 Recoil 8.073º
DPM 3,392 Aim Spread Reduction
DPS 62 Sway
RPM 45.23 Spread
Rate of Fire 0.833 Shots/s Noise Range 20m
Equip Time 1s AoE Radius 3.75m
Reload Time 5s Max Charge Time 0s
Crit Chance 40% Ammo Per Shot 10
Crit Damage 115% Special Effects N/A
Post Armor Multiplier 100% Condition (MAX) 5,000


Gloop Gun Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:

  • N/A


Where to Find & Location

  • Head to the UDL Lab northwest of Fallbrook. You can pick up UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard from a table on the second floor, where you kill the ringleader.  You can bring the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Key Card to the 1st floor and interact with a terminal. You can unlock the weapon they have been developing with Hack (55) or answer: Protect the Chairman, answer: Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman's honor, answer: Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program. This will get you the Gloop Gun.


Builds That use Gloop Gun


Gloop Gun Notes

  • Increasing your Science skill increases the weaken duration.
  • After installing the DLC, the "Hack" option no longer opens the case containing the Gloop Gun, requiring you to answer the questions anyway. [Xbox Series S]


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