Halcyon is the Solar System in which The Outer Worlds takes place. Halcyon is far away from Earth in the frontier of the colonized galaxy and is the target of development projects by massive corporate conglomerates.

Halcyon in The Outer Worlds

Halcyon is a Solar System comprised of two planets, several moons, and asteroids.

Several Space Stations are also found in this area, and are sponsored by some of the Factions or are simply private ships



Locations in The Outer Worlds refers to the many areas that players may explore within the game. In The Outer Worlds, players can expect to explore two Planets (that we know of), several space stations and asteroids within a distant Solar System. Areas open up as players complete Quests and unlock them with in-game actions. These locales will have limited level scaling, so adventurers should be careful not to venture forth into certain locations until they are ready for the challenge.


Outer Worlds Locations

The Halcyon System is comprised of two main planets and several moons and asteroids. Players can also explore space stations.

  • Hostile alien species are found in the planets, but one of them is "terraformed" - meaning that there's an atmosphere viable to human life and to create an inhabitable biosphere.




The hub or base of operations of the Player Character and Companions. AI ADA is installed here.

  • Captain's quarters, engineering, crew quarters, staff messhall




An asteroid filled with abandoned labs. It seems that the entire colony is abandoned.


Phineas' Lab


An abandoned asteroid facility located in the rings of Terra 2, repurposed into the experimental laboratory, living quarters, and hideout of Phineas Vernon Welles.

  • Phineas' Room






 AG434: "Tartarus" - Named after its hellish atmosphere, Tartarus is where The Board maintains the maximum-security penal complex known as "The Labyrinth".




Hope is an abandoned colony ship.

  • None




(Only available with Peril on Gorgon DLC)

A remote asteroid. Home to marauders, smugglers, and an abandoned Spacer's Choice facility.




AG534: "Hephaestus" - The closest planet to the sun. The Hephaestus Mining Company was first to establish outposts here, and as such it has claimed the planet for itself.

  • Inaccessible



AG111: "Olympus" - The largest of Halcyon's two Jovian gas giants. Perpetual storms wrack the planet's atmosphere, rendering it uninhabitable.



AG211: "Eridanos" - Halcyon's second Jovian gas giant. Its atmosphere is rich with hydrogen, helium, and various noble gases. Distillation plants in the atmosphere harvest these gases for energy.

  • Inaccessible



HRS-1084 is a satellite in the outer part of the Halcyon system. Players will visit the station to appropriate it for SubLight Salvage & Shipping.

  • None


Relay GB-23

One of several orbital relay stations used by Groundbreaker's communications to maintain line of sight with ships traveling the Halcyon System.

    • None



AG642: "Typhon" - An uninhabited icy planetoid at the edge of the Halcyon System. Typhon has nothing to offer the Halcyon Colony.

  • Inaccessible


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