Attribute Type Mind

Intelligence is an Attribute in The Outer Worlds. Attributes are categorized as the basic stats of the player which modifies their Skills. During Character Creation, you can only increase your attributes to Very High, however, if you consume items that boost your Attributes to Maximum.


Intelligence Information

Intelligence affects Critical Hit bonus damage.




Intelligence Affected Skills:


Intelligence Attribute Value


  • -100% Critical Damage
  • Penalty: Critical Hit Damage is drastically reduced. Words are hard. Thinking No Good. Dumb dialog options unlocked.

Below Average

  • -20% Critical Damage
  • Penalty: 
    • Critical Hit Damage is drastically reduced
    • Words are hard
    • Thinking No Good
    • Dumb dialog options unlocked


  • 0% Critical Damage


  • +10% Critical Damage



  • +20% Critical Damage

Very High

  • +35% Critical Damage


  • +50% Critical Damage


Equipment/Items/Flaw that affects Intelligence 


Intelligence Builds












Charm  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Perception  ♦  Strength  ♦  Temperament



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    • Anonymous

      Made 1 char with base intelligence, gets 8 SP per lvl, another with max Int that gets 10 SP, wouldn't surprise me if there were other bits that aren't disclosed in the descriptions.

      • Anonymous

        You can raise every attribute one tier beyond "Very High" which is called "Maximum". For example, if you consume a drink that gives +1 Mind attribute, your Intelligence if it's currently at Very High (+35% Crit Dmg), will temporarily reach Maximum (+50% Crit Dmg).

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