Journey Into Smoke

Previous The Distress Signal
Next none
Location Covert Lab - Roseway Gardens
Rewards 21000xp
625 Bit Cartridge
Anarchist's Cookbook

Journey Into Smoke is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Lillian, Terra 2's friendliest outlaw, evidently dropped a rare, limited-edition Spacer's Choice cigarette case during a scrap with raptidons. She'd be thrilled to get it back

Journey Into Smoke Objectives

  • Retrieve Lillian's Cigarettes
    Lillian said she dropped her cigarette case in an outdoor raptidon pen. Follow the road southeast from her position.
  • Return Lillian's Cigarettes
    You recovered Lillian's lost cigarette case. Find her and return the item.


Journey Into Smoke Walkthrough

You will obtain this pen only if you freed Cassandra O'Malley during The Doom That Came to Roseway.

Alternatively if you have not yet advanced that quest, you can also meet Lilian at her guarding position.

You can meet Lillian by the exit of the Covert Lab and talk to her. She will ask that you retrieve a rare cigarette case for her. Accept and she will point you toward the Raptidon Pens, just south of her location.

Beware of mines and Raptidons in the area, including a Behemoth. You can pick up Commemorative Cigarette Case on top of a white box within the pen area, (9000xp). If Vicar Max is in your party, he will comment that you could just keep the item for selling.

Return to Lillian and you can opt to lie (25) about the case. You'll get 9000xp, 12000xp, and complete the quest. You can also give her the case, in which case an option to Intimidate (45) appears, and you also get 9000xp and 12000xp. If you have not spoken with Cassandra O'Malley yet, an option to Persuade (25) appears. Finally, if you want to be nice, give her the case without strings and you'll gain 9000xp, 12000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge and Anarchist's Cookbook (it's a Unique Weapon)


Journey Into Smoke Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 21000xp, 625 Bit Cartridge, Anarchist's Cookbook



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      "If Vicar Max is in your party, he will comment that you could just keep the item for selling." Same with Ellie

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