Lord of Blight

Murder on Eridanos Quest
Previous Prince of Tossball
Next An Unfinished Accusation
Location Piraeus Spaceport, Eridanos
Rewards Rizzo's Reputation
5,000 Bit Cartridge

Lord of Blight is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Administrator Ludovico suspects that Sedrick Kincannon, head of SLUG, may have had a hand in Helen's death. Administrator Ludovico still suspects Sedrick's involvement in Helen's murder, but he lacks the authority to detain Sedrick.

Lord of Blight Objectives

  • Speak to Sedrick
  • Investigate Sedrick's Office
    • Find the Bug's Receiver
  • Speak to Ella Tinsley about the Missing Cargo
  • Investigate the Shipping Yard Automechanicals
  • Return to Sedrick
  • Report to Administrator Ludovico


Lord of Blight Walkthrough

This quest is acquired automatically upon completing Prince of Tossball.

You are tasked with investigating Sedrick Kincannon. He can be found at the Piraeus Spaceport. Fast travel back into the Spaceport and enter the Harbormaster Office to the right of the entrance. Speak with Aileene Roan about meeting Sedrick. You can intimidate her for some interesting dialogue with Sedrick. Head up the stairs and question Sedrick regarding his alibi. He will tell you about some missing cargo from the SLUG warehouse and that you should speak with Ella Tinsley.  You should also investigate his office using your Discrepancy Amplifier. Analyze the book to the left of his office to discover a listening device transmitting to a receiver nearby.

Head out of Sedrick's Office and head down the path Southeast to find the SubLight Freight Storage and Processing facility. Head inside, past the reception and up the walkway to find the foreman's office. Speak with Ella Tinsley who tells you more about the missing cargo and suggests you inspect the shipping yard. She will also give you her SLUG Foreman Keycard to access the terminal next to her for additional clues. Alternatively, you can hack the terminal (Hack 105) to complete this objective. Get back into the main Spaceport area and head towards the northeast side of the cantina. Go inside one of the toilets to find another book. Analyze it with your amplifier to receive the Listening Device Receiver.

A few steps from the toilets is the Shipping Yard, where your Discrepancy Amplifier will beep, prompting you to Analyze the Automechanical. After analyzing, interact with the Automechanical to receive the Hacked Automechanical Datalog.  Head back to Sedrick and turn in the datalog and the receiver.

You will now need to report back to Administrator Ludovico at the Hotel and end the quest.

Note that completing this quest will unlock An Unfinished Accusation if you've also completed one of the following:


Lord of Blight Rewards

Unlocks quest: An Unfinished Accusation

Other Rewards: Rizzo's Reputation and 5,000 Bit Cartridge. SubLight Underground Reputation depending on your choices.


Lord of Blight Notes and Tips

  • Having Parvati in the party will allow you to disable the Automechanical's Failsafe.



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