Effect: -
Duration: -
Type: General
Weight: 0.00
Sell Value: 1.00
Item Price: 16.00

Mag-Pick in The Outer Worlds is a Consumable item. Mag-Pick is used to break open locks. Consumables are items that are used by the player to gain special effects that are most likely to be used for exploration and battle. Consumable items may vary from medical supplies, food, drinks, and many more.


Stealing is not the answer. Stealing is the question. The answer is yes.

Unathorized use of this item by any person without a security rating of A-5 is a Class C felony.

Mag-Pick Information

  • Tools used to pick locks


Mag-Pick Location/Acquisition

  • This item can be purchased from Vendors, Vending Machines.
  • It is most commonly found as a lootable object around the world.  (i.e. open drawers or shelves in buildings; NPC camp sites on world map locations)


Mag-Pick Notes

  • Putting at least 20 points into your STEALTH > Lockpick skill will allow you to open any chest that requires 1 Mag-Pick to open for free.  "LOCKPICK - 20 Novice: Doors and Containers that require 1 Mag-Pick to unlock are free to open."



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