Mind Control Ray

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Company Manufacturer Unknown
DPS 76 Plasma
Item Lvl 19
Skill Long Guns
Damage 38 Plasma
Magazine Size 30 (Energy)
Special Effects Stagger
Modifications N/A
Weight 3.00
Sell Value 1,750

Mind Control Ray is a Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds.


The aptly named Mind Control Ray fires a continuous beam at targets that overrides synaptic nerves as well as automechanical behavior protocols causing targets to attack their allies instead of enemies. Increasing your Science skill improves the movement and attack rate of those controlled.


Mind Control Ray Information

The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type Energy Magazine Size 30 (Energy)
Skill Long Guns Effective Range 15m
Damage Type Plasma Max Range 200m
Damage 38 Recoil
DPM 3,600 Aim Spread Reduction
DPS 76 Sway
RPM 94.74 Spread
Rate of Fire 2 Shots/s Noise Range 5m
Equip Time 0.75s AoE Radius 0m
Reload Time 4.5s Max Charge Time 0s
Crit Chance 40% Ammo Per Shot 2
Crit Damage 115% Special Effects Stagger
Post Armor Multiplier 100% Condition (MAX) 6,000


Mind Control Ray Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:

  • N/A


Where to Find & Location

  • Head to Rizzo Secret Laboratory in Cascadia. You'll access this for the quest Space-Crime Continuum. Go through the whole lab until the very end by a lift heading back to the surface. Go toward the lift and look right - there's a gap to jump across, leading to a ladder, another jump and another ladder. You'll find a dead scientist and a safe that contains Mind Control Ray


Builds That use Mind Control Ray


Mind Control Ray Notes

  • Increasing your Science skill improves the movement and attack rate of those controlled.
  • The Mind Control Ray's firing sound can be made out as the beginning part of the Spacer's Choice jingle (It's not the best choice it's not the best choice it's not the best choice.) Repeating and sped up as the ammo count drains.


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    • Anonymous

      The thing about this weapon is that the enemy that you control become your ally for a short time as long as your magazine is not empty. However, the one you control doesn't senselessly attack enemy, but instead find cover and shoot which to me is a waste of time since i don't care about this enemy and want it to do as much damage as possible. Also, enemy know my location immediately when i shoot the beam which make it unable to stealth when using this weapon.

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