Mostly Harmless

Previous The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon
Next A Clockwork Mock Apple
The Man in High Orbit
Location Gorgon
Rewards 132.000 Exp

Mostly Harmless is one of the Main Quests in the Peril on Gorgon dlc of The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


Your only lead into lifting Gorgon's emergency lockdown is the project's last know staff member, an actuary named Clarence Mostly. If you want access to the manufactory, you'll need information from him

Mostly Harmless Objectives


Mostly Harmless Walkthrough

Head to Byzantium and then go inside the Musgrave Collection. Head to the left area and speak to Clarence Mostly, he will ask you to retrieve the trophy for him. You can speak with Tilda Coatsworth to acquire a Technician's Keycard but it's not necessary.

Head to the Underground access (you can use the Technician's Keycard to open the first door or you can pass through the area by defeating the security robots). Head back up and pick up the Canid Revue Trophy.

Give the Canid Revue Trophy to Clarence Mostly and you'll acquire the A Clockwork Mock Apple and The Man in High Orbit quests.

NOTE: You can give Clarence Mostly the Preserved Eye to acquire reputation with The Board


Mostly Harmless Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??



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    • Anonymous

      I received the canid called 'Adonis' for the captain's quarters on the Unreliable. Not sure, but it may be necessary to 'pet' him during the revue and/or talk to his handler.

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