Mr. N
Mod Type: Attack
Mod Effect: Damage -50%
Damage Type: N-ray
Weight 0.50
Sell Value: 500

Mr. N in The Outer Worlds is a Melee Weapon Mod. Mr. N changes the weapon's damage to an N-ray type. Melee Weapon Mods primary Mod type for a Melee Weapon such as a 1-Handed Melee Weapon or a 2-Handed Melee Weapon is Attack but there is also Grip. This enhances certain aspects of your melee attack in one form or another.


The odd little device makes the melee weapon glow so deeply purple that it hurts to view it.


Mr. N Information

  • This mod can be attached to any melee weapon
  • The mod changes the damage type to an N-Ray



Mr. N Location/Acquisition

  • Can be purchased from Belle Everson's post for 8,000 Bit Cartridges (Restricted Stock)



Mr. N Notes

  • Mods can only be installed when you modify a Melee Weapon using a Workbench
  • IMPORTANT: Mods can't be removed once they're used, so put them on your favorite gear



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