Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game

Previous Flowers for Sebastian
Next None
Location Stellar Bay - Monarch
Rewards 9000xp
375x Bit Cartridge
Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up

Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds. Tasks are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Mr. Pickett went looking for a mantiqueen, and Sebastian hasn't seen him since. He's worried the man may be in trouble.

Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game Objectives

  • Look for signs of Mr. Pickett
    Sebastian sent Mr. Pickett to the wilderness southwest of Stellar Bay to find a Mantiqueen/ Search the area for signs of Mr. Pickett.
  • Give Mr. Pickett's Journal to Sebastian
    Take the journal you found inside the Mantiqueen to Sebastian in Stellar Bay. He'll want to know what became of the man.


Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game Walkthrough

Talk to Sebastian Adams in the courtyard behind Sanjar's office in Stellar Bay, Monarch. You come here for the "Flowers for Sebastian" task, and can learn about his sales and ask Sebastian about Mr. Pickett. You'll learn Sebastian gave him directions to see a large Mantiqueen. Ask where and Sebastian will ask you to check on Mr. Pickett, granting you the task Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game.

Go South from Stellar Bay's South Ruins exit and past Amber Heights to find an area with Mantisaur enemies before arriving at Fallbrook. There's a sleeping Mantiqueen that you must defeat and loot to obtain Mr. Pickett's Journal. This will give you 6725xp and update your quest to return to Sebastian. Just north of this location, you can find a Mega Raptidon, and defeat it to unlock the trophy The Harder They Fall. Investigate past the mega enemy and you'll find a cave with Elroy Booth. Talk to him, and he'll leave the cave later.

Return to Sebastian at Stellar Bay, and give him Mr. Picket's Journal back. You'll gain Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation and 6750xp,

Completing the quest grants 9000xp and 375 Bit Cartridge.


Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 9000xp, 375x Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up



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