Mr. Zap
Mod Type: Attack
Mod Effect: Damage Type: Shock
Weight ???
Sell Value: ???

Mr. Zap in The Outer Worlds is a Melee Weapon Mod. Mr. Zap changes the weapon's damage to an Shock type. Melee Weapon Mods primary Mod type for a Melee Weapon such as a 1-Handed Melee Weapon or a 2-Handed Melee Weapon is Attack but there is also Grip. This enhances certain aspects of your melee attack in one form or another.


In-game Description


Mr. Zap Information

  • This mod can be attached to ???
  • Attaching this mod to a melee weapon changes the damage type to a Shock type



Mr. Zap Location/Acquisition



Mr. Zap Notes

  • Mods can only be installed when you modify a Melee Weapon using a Workbench
  • IMPORTANT: Mods can't be removed once they're used, so put them on your favorite gear



Melee Weapon Mods
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    • 02 Nov 2019 13:16  

      I'm pratically at the end of my first playthrough with more than 3 days in and found all of the mods, except this one and Laminated. Didn't find Mr. Zap at Bayside Terrace Ruins or anywhere else.

      • Anonymous

        30 Oct 2019 08:40  

        There is a Mr. Zap mod available in the Spacers Choice vending machine right by the Bayside Terrace Ruins fast travel point, though it is in the restricted stock.

        • Anonymous

          28 Oct 2019 17:07  

          I'm all the way to Monarch and so far I haven't found a single one of these yet... I've found plenty of melee mods including the plasma one, critical chance one, durability one, and a few others, but I have not found a single shock mod for melee weapons yet. Not in a lootable container/body, nor in a vending machine for sale.... Do you only get them later in the game or something?

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