Effect: -1 Personality Attributes

Paranoid! in The Outer Worlds is a Flaw. Flaws are negative attributes that are acquired from certain causes, players are given the chance to accept or reject the flaw which is permanently applied to the player's stats if the player chooses to accept it.


Repeatedly getting caught by guards has made you jittery, doubly so when roaming around Restricted Areas or sneaking.


Paranoid! Information

  • -1 Personality Attributes
  • Extra -1 Personality Attributes when in Restricted Areas or sneaking.
  • Perk Point/s Acquired: 1



Paranoid! Acquisition

  • Paranoid! is acquired if you are caught multiple times by guards when you roam or sneak around Restricted Areas



Paranoid! Notes and Trivia

  • Players can choose to accept or reject the Flaw
  • Choosing to accept a Flaw rewards the player with a Perk Point
  • Accepted flaws cannot be removed



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    • Anonymous

      10 Nov 2019 23:42  

      This is either clitched or badly described. The penalty seems to be active 100% of the time, not just when sneaking or in restric5ed areas

      • Anonymous

        10 Nov 2019 20:28  

        WARNING: Entering a combat zone like enemy bases or the infested portions of Groundbreaker ciunts as "restricted." You may not be able to auto-recover health in those areas as a reult.

        • Anonymous

          02 Nov 2019 19:16  

          this one permanently mucks with some of your skills directly, the base is -3, -6 if you are sneaking or in a restricted area. it can interfere with meeting skill checks

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