Passage to Anywhere

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Previous Stranger in a Strange Land
Next Radio Free Monarch
Location Groundbreaker
Rewards 33000 XP

Passage to Anywhere is one of the Main Quests in The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


In order to revive your fellow colonists stranded in hibernation, Dr. Welles needs you to travel to Stellar Bay on the terraformed moon of Monarch. Monarch is interdicted by the Halcyon Holdings corporate Board, so you'll have to procure a Navkey through unofficial channels.

Passage to Anywhere Objectives

  • Speak to Gladys on the Groundbreaker
    Phineas Welles wants you to contact Gladys, a black market fence located on the Groundbreaker, the only neutral station in the Halcyon colony. She can sell you a Navkey to Stellar Bay on Monarch.
  • (Optional) Retrieve the Holographic Shroud
    Phineas Welles mentioned that he gave a device to Alex Hawthorne - the Holographic Shroud. It uses biometric data from identity cartridges to project a disguise around you. This will be useful for gaining access to restricted areas.
  • Talk to Udom Bedford
    • IF you talk to the Customs Officer Cpl. Leonard Wheeler he will inform you that your ship has been impounded by order of the Board.
    • You can bypass the Customs Officer by taking the alternate route into Groundbreaker. However as soon as you jump down to cross into the Promenade your ship will be impounded regardless. The initial dialogue with Udom will be slightly different however.
    • You need to clear this up with Udom Bedford, the Halcyon Holdings Board representative on the station.
  • Purchase a Navkey to Stellar Bay from Gladys
    Gladys is willing to sell you a Navkey to Stellar Bay for 10,000 bits.
    Gladys offered you a job investigating a distress signal on Terra-2.
    Gladys mentioned that Junlei Tennyson, the Groundbreaker's captain, is always willing to put available captains to work. You can also check the bounty board in the docking bay for work.
  • Inform Dr. Welles You Have a Navkey
    You finally have a Navkey to Stellar Bay on Monarch. Inform Dr. Welles so you can learn why you need to travel to the restricted planet and who you need to meet once you're there. ADA should be able to establish a connection with Welles.


Passage to Anywhere Walkthrough

This quest begins automatically after you finish Stranger in a Strange Land. Picking up the Holographic Shroud in the captain's quarters in your Ship, the Unreliable, will net you 18600 XP. If you read the logs in the computer there next to it you'll gain the quest Weapon From The Void.

Travel to the Groundbreaker and approach the Customs officer, CPL. Leonard Wheeler. He will inform you that your ship is impounded and say you will have to take it up with Udom Bedford. Leonard can also give you the quest Solution Vial, and some information regarding the Groundbreaker's status on the system and its relationship with The Board. He will also give you directions on where to go to obtain further quests within the ship.

This area has several quests that can be completed so look out for companion quests "The Empty Man" and "Drinking Sapphire Whine" while you progress. There are also side quests and bounties to get from NPCs so talk to everyone you find.

Go to the main area of the ship and take a left, you'll come to the Rest-n-Go and can meet with Gladys. Ask her for a Navkey to go to Stellar Bay (16800xp) and she will say she has only one key and it will be expensive. You can pay 10,000 bits, or ask about the "opportunity" she offers. She will ask you to look into a distress call that came in from an outpost called Roseway, which Auntie Cleo abandoned years ago. She thinks there might be a secret worth selling. Accept and you'll obtained the quest The Distress Signal. You can ask her about other work and affairs and she will then give you Purpleberry Bunch before you leave.

Go toward the Groundbreaker Promenade and you can talk to Udom Bedford. Pretend that Alex liked him if you would like to keep it nice, and he'll lift your impounding. You get 16000 XP for your efforts. He then asks you if you know where Phineas Welles is, as Alex was apparently going to turn him in. Say he never mentioned Welles and the conversation will move on. This is also your opportunity to talk about Jessie Doyle for Worst Contact - so make use of it.

When talking to Udon Bedford there are many dialogue checks:

  • Tell him Lex is dead, then pick the option "sorry for your loss" and "what was your relationship with him?". This will get you two Lie 10 checks for 105 XP each.
  • Tell him you know where to find Welles. This will unlock a Lie 10 check. Then tell him it was just a joke, then pick any option during the next two conversations until you get dialogue option "What kind of reason?" Pick this one and you'll get a Persuade/Intimidate 35 check followed up by a Lie check.

Note: the ship decoration OSI Pyramid can be found on a table in Udon Bedford's office.

Complete The Distress Signal investigation and bring back all the research, or purchase the Stellar Bay Navkey for 10,000 bits. You will gain Groundbreaker Reputation and the quest will update asking to talk to Phillas Welles. Before you do this, you might want to head to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage to begin the quest Salvager in the Sky.

You should then go to the Unreliable and have ADA contact Welles. He will tell you why Monarch is the next destination. You will get 33,000xp and the next quest: Radio Free Monarch

Alternatively, if you head straight to Monarch and land at Cascadia, you can fight your way to Stellar Bay to complete this Quest, saving you the cost of the Nav key. Be warned though, there are many dangerous enemies from 12-18 level.


Passage to Anywhere Rewards

Unlocks quest: Radio Free Monarch

Other Rewards: 33000xp


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