Permanent Concussion!

Effect: -1 Mind Attributes

Permanent Concussion! in The Outer Worlds is a Flaw. Flaws are negative attributes that are acquired from certain causes, players are given the chance to accept or reject the flaw which is permanently applied to the player's stats if the player chooses to accept it.


Having been hit in the head one too many times, your mental faculties have been permanently affected.


Permanent Concussion! Information

  • Perk Point/s Acquired: 1
  • Permanently decreases the Mind Attributes by -1



Permanent Concussion! Acquisition

  • Permanent Concussion! is acquired if the player gets hit on the head by enemies multiple times.
  • Itn also be acquired by being in close vicinity to explosives as they go off.



Permanent Concussion! Notes and Trivia

  • Players can choose to accept or reject the Flaw
  • Choosing to accept a Flaw rewards the player with a Perk Point
  • Accepted flaws cannot be removed
  • Given how it is a permanent Concussion, it renders you immune to being further concussed. So even if you're hit on the head or right next to an exploding canister, your Attributes will not be reduced further. This is especially utilized during Supernova, since concussions usually last until next bedrest, no further bedrest is necessary solely for concussions.



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    • Anonymous

      For some reason I choose this flaw and it perma-locked my dodge ability!! Wtf Obsidian?! Two updates and no fix.

      • Anonymous

        This one seems to be bugged AF. -1 to "Mind attributes", but then gives a -4 to ranged and dodge? Wtf? Oh, and it double stacks on long guns for a total of -8. For a game so hyped up, it's got some weird *****ing design choices

        • Anonymous

          Permanent concussion is -1 mind attribute but if you look at your skills it'll vary in negativity for it, do you know why?

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