Permanently Crippled

Effect: Dodge Disabled
-30% Movement Speed

Permanently Crippled in The Outer Worlds is a Flaw. Flaws are negative attributes that are acquired from certain causes, players are given the chance to accept or reject the flaw which is permanently applied to the player's stats if the player chooses to accept it.


Your legs have been damaged too many times, and your movement speed has now been permanently lowered.

Permanently Crippled Information

  • Perk Point/s Acquired: 1
  • Unable to dodge, -30% Movement Speed


Permanently Crippled Acquisition

  • Permanently Crippled is acquired if the player suffers multiple attacks at their legs. This can also happen as a result of falling and taking damage. One method to quickly get this flaw is to repeatedly climb up a ladder and jump off, taking damage.


Permanently Crippled Notes and Trivia

  • Players can choose to accept or reject the Flaw
  • Choosing to accept a Flaw rewards the player with a Perk Point
  • Accepted Flaws cannot be removed



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    • Anonymous

      this just caused me to stop playing, terrible mechanic i was auto piloting the game anyway. this game is played by "going through the motions. just a familiar formula with a bad story

      • Anonymous

        I haven't updated my game so this potentially has been patched, but if you take this flaw you can Sprint while overencumbered. You can take the perks that increase run speed so it's as if you didn't have the flaw. If you take the perks where you can fast travel while overencumbered you've practically removed carry weight as a mechanic from the game. -Jiveo123

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