Prince of Tossball

Murder on Eridanos Quest
Previous A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry
Next Lord of Blight
Location Piraeus Spaceport, Eridanos
Rewards Rizzo's Reputation
5,000 Bit Cartridge

Prince of Tossball is one of the Main Quests in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Main Quests are those that must be completed in order to advance the main story and progress the game.


You've discovered that Black Hole Bertie may have wanted to kill Halcyon Helen. Investigate what he was doing at the time of the murder.

Prince of Tossball Objectives

  • Confront the Intruder
  • Go to the Meeting Spot
  • Search the Land Complex for Clues
  • Find Bertie at the Spaceport
  • Report to Administrator Ludovico 
    • OPTIONAL: Confirm Bertie's Alibi


Prince of Tossball Walkthrough

This quest is acquired automatically upon your return to the Hotel Suite at the end of A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry.

Your companion informs you of an intruder in your room. Speak to the Rizzo's Rangers Mascot. He is apparently working for Black Hole Bertie and asks you to meet him at the Pilothouse where he will tell you what he knows about Helen's demise. You can intimidate him for additional XP. Head back to the lobby and exit using the north door. Find the Eastern bridge leading to the Pilothouse. There is a small island on the way where you can find Amita Rai's shop where you can purchase some supplies and gear. There is also another small building with a Parasite Spawnling and a Workbench inside. When ready, head up the platform and continue heading East past another bridge.

At the Pilothouse, head to the right towards the meeting spot. You will find the Mascot dead on the floor and your Discrepancy Amplifier will start beeping. Analyze the body and the empty bottle of spirits nearby. You can loot Rizzo's Rangers Noggin and Armored Tossball Uniform from the Mascot. You will now need to go to the Piraeus Spaceport on the island Southeast of the Grand Colonial Hotel. Travel back to the Hotel and head for the southern bridge, defeating any hostiles nearby. Speak to Sedrick Kincannon on the intercom and he will unlock the bridge gates for you. Head to the Spaceport.

Inside, you will be confronted by a Mysterious Assailant who says SLUG is trying to get rid of you. The conversation quickly devolves in to a fight. Defeat all the hostiles and loot one of them for a Hit Note, signed by a certain 'Marketeer'. To the right of the building in front of you are some steps to a lower area, where you will find the Copper Bottom Cantina. Sitting in the corner near the entrance is Black Hole Bertie. Ask him about his whereabouts during the murder and he will tell you about his alibi Orick West and give you Helen's Datapad. You can complete the optional objective and confirm Bertie's alibi with Orick for additional clues and XP. Orick can be found between the buildings just a few steps east of the cantina.

You now need to head back to the Hotel and report to Administrator Ludovico to end the quest and begin Lord of Blight.


Prince of Tossball Rewards

Unlocks quest: Lord of Blight

Other Rewards: Rizzo's Reputation + 5,000 Bit Cartridge


Prince of Tossball Notes and Tips

  • Having Vicar Max in your party will give extra dialogue options with Black Hole Bertie.



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    • Anonymous

      If you find the body at the pilothouse before you do the step to confront the intruder in the penthouse you can't complete the quest. Since Rizzo’s Ranger Mascot is already dead, he can't be there to be confronted later.

      • Anonymous

        You can also acquire this quest if you search Bertie's room before going to the penthouse, which confusingly gives you an objective to go to the pilothouse before the bridge to it is unlocked.

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