Prototype Hibernation Suit rev4.7d

Prototype Hibernation Suit rev4.7d
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Company Spacer's Choice 
Armor Type Light
Item Lvl 33
Skill Bonus Tactical Time Dilation
Move Time -50%
Modifications Reactive Kinematic Shield Projector
Weight 2.50
Sell Value 475
Condition (Max) ??

Prototype Hibernation Suit rev4.7d is a Unique Body Armor in The Outer Worlds. Armor can be worn by the player to reduce incoming damage dealt by Enemies. Armor also changes the physical appearance of the player when worn.


This suit did on excellent job Of protecting the wearer against hibernation sickness and freezer burn. Deemed too expensive, it was replaced with o suit that provided no protection of all... but at half the cost!

Prototype Hibernation Suit rev4.7d Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this Armor:

  • Reactive Kinematic Shield Projector


Where to Find & Location


Prototype Hibernation Suit rev4.7d Notes





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