Safety Inspector

Bonus: -3% Plasma Damage Received

Safety Inspector in The Outer Worlds is an Aptitude. Safety Inspector reduces the damage received from a Plasma element. Aptitudes are bonuses that increase your character's Skills, this feature is included during Character Creation and players can only choose one Attribute they desire.


In your line of work, the corporations' bottom line needs more protection than its personnel.

Guardrails aren't free, thermal shielding needs replacing, and a hatch that seals reliably is a luxury. You're on the vanguard of ensuring that every possible expense is spared, since corners don't cut themselves (yet).

You prefer to think of workplace accidents as happy little coincidences.


Safety Inspector Information

  • Adds a -3% bonus of receiving damage towards a Plasma element



Safety Inspector Notes and Trivia

  • Choosing an Aptitude only occurs during Character Creation
  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia




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