Salvager in the Sky

Previous Passage to Anywhere
Next Space-Crime Continuum
Location Groundbreaker
Rewards 8400 XP
Sublight Salvage & Shipping Reputation

Salvager in the Sky is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds. Tasks are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


You found a job posting on one of Groundbreaker's publilc terminals for an "ethically-flexible spacer". Interested parties were instructed to inquire at the offices of SubLight Salvage & Shipping

Salvager in the Sky Objectives


Salvager in the Sky Walkthrough

Use a terminal in Groundbreaker (There's one by the Med Bay) and read Public Notices for "Seeking Contractor: Sublight Salvage" to initiate this quest.

The SubLight salvage office is near the terminal by the MedBay. You can read the terminal to find out Alex Hawkthorne had been involved with them, and then use the lift to go to the office portion (use the handle to the right to unseal it). Talk to Tobias Oyama, and he'll unlock the door for you. Go in and you can talk to Lilya Hagen, who will tell you Hawkthorne was a contractor of her.

You need to have a Stellar Bay Navkey (obtained from Gladys for Passage to Anywhere), or you need to have been to Stellar Bay at least once. Speaking with Lilya Hagen, she'll tell you she needs you to pick up some Alta-Vitae gas at the Saltuna loading dock in Monarch. You'll gain 8,400 XP and gain reputation with Sublight Salvage & Shipping. This will complete the quest and give you the Faction Quest: Space-Crime Continuum.


Salvager in the Sky Rewards

Unlocks quest: Space-Crime Continuum

Other Rewards: 8400xp, Sublight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up



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