Slaughterhouse Clive

Previous Space-Crime Continuum
Next A Cysty-Dance with Death
Location Fallbrook - Monarch
Rewards 28000xp
2188 Bit Cartridge
Oxi-Comp Aromatic
SubLight Contractor Helm
SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up

Slaughterhouse Clive is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


With the scarcity of saltuna alternatives on Monarch, Clive Lumbergh has been making a killing by operating the planet's last remaining boarst factory. SubLight wants to take the self-proclaimed Boarst King of Monarch's profits for themselves, and have hired you to get rid of him.

Slaughterhouse Clive Objectives


Slaughterhouse Clive Walkthrough

This quest is obtained in Fallbrook, Monarch, by talking to Catherine Malin. She will share that she wants to take the profits and operations of Clive Lumbergh's Boarst factory. Agree to begin the quest.

The C&P Boarst Factory is located southwest of Forlorn Crossroads. You can obtain a Boarst Factory ID Cartridge from Duncan Elley, in Fallbrook. You'll need Persuade, Lie or Intimidate 50. Obtain it and you can just walk up to the front door. If you do, you'll be greeted by a guard and you'll have to Persuade (20) or Lie (35) or Intimidate (55) your way through, obtaining C&P Boarst Factory Gate Key. Head for the large door at the back once through to make your way into the factory.

  • Alternatively, you can take the C&P Factory Sewer Entrance, which is located at the foot of the waterfall just southeast from the factory's main entrance. Lockpicking 35 is required to open the door.

Head up the stairs and make your way through the door inside then next room.

NOTE: No matter what is done, it will result in the same total completion XP of 35,000.
OPTION 1: Before entering the next room, there's a terminal to your left that can be interacted with to edit the financial records (requires Intelligence) and gain 7,000 XP and be told to return to Catherine. Inform Catherine Malin the factory is out of service to COMPLETE the quest for 28,000 XP, 2,188 Bits, and Unique Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm.

OPTION 2: In the feeding trough room, there are 2 terminals where you can increase the pig's vitamin feed by 4000% if you have Medical (55) for 1,100 XP. The 2nd terminal does nothing, but the first terminal completes the objective for 7,000 XP. Inform Catherine Malin the factory is out of service to COMPLETE the quest for 28,000 XP, 2,188 Bits, and Unique Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm.

For the can production area (OPTION 3) and the Clive's office (OPTION 4/5) head to the far back-right of the feeding trough room and through the large door. There you can go up the stairs into a room with an intercom and a terminal. Use the intercom to Lie (55) to the workers to have them quit and/or Hack (55) the console to have the automechanicals attack the workers. Both options (combined) leave the factory almost empty allowing you to walk and loot freely. You can also call Clive's elevator down. NOTE: Neither quitting workers nor aggressive automechanicals will solve the quest.

OPTION 3: Sneak through the second large door on the ground floor into the production area. Make your way to the back-left of the room and up a ladder, or up one of the conveyer belts (riskier). Here you will find a terminal on the left side that can tamper with the production rate if you have Engineering (55), gain 7,000 XP, and be prompted to return to Catherine. Inform Catherine Malin the factory is out of service to COMPLETE the quest for 28,000 XP, 2,188 Bits, and Unique Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm.

OPTION 4: Kill Clive: From the production rate terminal, crouch to stay hidden, hop onto the pipes and cross to the locked door requiring Lockpick (30) to unlock, and make your way through into Clive Lumbergh's office. Alternatively use the elevator below his office. The second elevator outside the factory might also be available.
If you kill him, you lose a little Sublight & Salvage Reputation and gain 7,200 XP. Return to Catherine to COMPLETE this quest and gain 28,000 XP, 2,188 Bit Cartridge and Unique Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm.

OPTION 5a: Force Clive to work with Catherine: If you try to get him and Catherine to work together, you will need Persuade (55) or Medical (55) to recognize the body parts on him are not pigs, but in fact human, and net you 1,100 XP. This will allow you to convince him to work with Catherine if you wish and net you 7000 XP.  Killing him afterwards nets you another 7,000 XP, and 14,000 XP when completing with Catherine. NOTE: This also gives you free reign to loot in the factory without needing to worry about a disguise. From here, you can loot everything, and then choose which way you want to complete the quest.

OPTION 5b: You can then persuade him to let you kill Catherine, beginning the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death.

  • You can pickpocket Clive to obtain Clive's Office Key. Then leave through the nearby lift and unlock the sealed door - granting you easy access to Clive in the future. Otherwise, the sealed door requires Hack (100).

If you decided not to kill Clive or Catherine, speak with Catherine and either Lie (100) or Persuade (50) her to work with him to gain 1,100 XP. You can Persuade (50) her again to gain a further 1,100 XP. Keep speaking with her to gain an additional 28000 XP, 2,188 Bit Cartridges, and the Unique Armor: Sublight Contractor Helm. By doing this you will Botch the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death


Slaughterhouse Clive Rewards

Unlocks quest: A Cysty-Dance with Death

Other Rewards: 28000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, Oxi-Comp Aromatic x4, SubLight Contractor Helm, and SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up.



The title of the Quest is a reference to the novel "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut


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    • Anonymous

      I have a persuade of 105 and there are no dialogue options for it...I see the medical 55 one, but all I get a lame attempt at "C'mon, man..." not sure if I did something to lose the ability to persuade him...but my dialogue skills are all really high.

      • Anonymous

        This guide failed to mention that we need at least lockpick 35 to open the locked door to Clive's office, thus making it USELESS for those without it. I wasted my time following this guide.

        • In the sample tasting, if you select option 2. (with red at the end) and then say red had human parts, he'll make snarky remark how you like the human meat the most, and has to adjust his formula. This gives you most bits. 625 in my case.

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