Solution Vital
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Location Groundbreaker
Rewards 20000xp, 1500 Bit Cartridge, 3x Immunosol, 3x Auntie-Biotics Creme, 3x Adreno, Groundbreaker Reputation Up

Solution Vital is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Dr. Wanda Dorsett, one of the local doctors, has been waiting on a shipment of medical auto-mechanicals that has yet to arrive.

Solution Vital Objectives


Solution Vital Walkthrough

You obtain this quest by accepting to do a favor for the custom's officer at Groundbreaker, CPL. Leonard Wheeler. He will ask you to give a message to Dr. Wanda Dorsett at the Groundbreaker's Sick Bay. You can also gain this quest by speaking to Captain Irion on Scylla.

Regardless of how you start the quest the objective is to head to Scylla and rescue Captain Irion from the Outlaws there. Speak with him once they are dead, and he will update this quest and give you the Unique Weapons: Irion's Flintlock. He is located all the way to the southwest of the map, nearly touching the edge. You'll get 4000xp for this step.

Speak with Dr. Wanda Dorsett and you'll complete the quest. You gain a large amount of XP, Reputation with Groundbreaker, 1500 Bit Cartridges and some consumables.

Solution Vital Rewards

Unlocks quest: None

Other Rewards: 20000xp, 1500 Bit Cartridge, 3x Immunosol, 3x Auntie-Biotics Creme, 3x Adreno, Groundbreaker Reputation Up



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    • Anonymous

      Quest bugged on Nintendo Switch. Saved the Captain, talked too but now all he does is working on his ship. But If I go to Dr. Wanda Dorsett I get 1500 Bit Cartridge, 3x Immunosol, 3x Auntie-Biotics Creme, 3x Adreno

      • Anonymous

        Quest is bugged, I'm at the final step which prompts me to return to Wanda. I talk to her and nothing happens

        • Anonymous

          Saved Irion, spoke with him and got the gun, and ran around the map one good time for loot before heading to turn in. When I circled back to his location, there were primals there and he was dead. LMFAO!!! By His Bootstraps (Jameson) deja vu, anyone? Starting to dislike the game a little bit even though it's still fun overall. This crap is just super anti-immersive.

          • Anonymous

            you can pickpocket the reward weapon from him, if you do it before speaking to him. so then you get two handguns.

            • Anonymous

              Killed all of the outlaws around captain Orion but I get no prompt that allows me to talk to him. The marker on compass hud for the quest is overlapped by a red marker whenever I get close to captain irion.

              • Anonymous

                Rescued him, waked off to repair his ship, and upon handing over the quest he's somehow... dead? Something fishy about this one.

                • Anonymous

                  Unable to complete mission: Rescued Irion from outlaws but now can't access dialogue when reporting back to Dr. Dorsett

                  • Anonymous

                    This quest is glitches for me and irion is dead and the quest indicator is on him witb no way to interact with it

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