Spatial Acuity Sensor Apparatus

Spatial Acuity Sensor Apparatus
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Company Aramid Ballistics
Armor Type Light
Item Lvl 31
Skill Bonus Perception +1
Interactable Highlight Range +2.5m
Bonus to Extra Headshot/Weakspot Damage +15%
Weight 0.50
Sell Value 284
Condition (Max)  

Spatial Acuity Sensor Apparatus is a Unique Head Armor obtainable in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds. Armor can be worn by the player to reduce incoming damage dealt by Enemies. Armor also changes the physical appearance of the player when worn.


Early models included a speaker that would emit "LOOK AT THAT!" at loud decibels. This feature has been disabled.


Where to Find & Location

  • The Spatial Acuity Sensor Apparatus can be found on Eridanos at the Grand Colonial Hotel as soon as you gain access to the Penthouse suite through the main quests. It is on the dining table in the East room of the Penthouse suite.



Spatial Acuity Sensor Apparatus Notes 

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