Special Delivery

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Company Unknown 
DPS 160
Skill Heavy Weapons
Damage 184
Magazine Size 30 (Heavy)
Special Effects Knockback
Modifications -
Weight 5.0
Sell Value 2,500

Special Delivery is a Science Weapon in The Outer Worlds.


Originally designed as an experimental mail delivery tool, this launcher was listed as a failed project and forgotten. With its recent discovery and retrofitting, its homing pneumatic tubes are now filled with explosives to deliver death rather than envelopes.

Special Delivery Information

The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type Heavy Magazine Size  30 (Heavy)
Skill Heavy Weapons Effective Range 25m
Damage Type Physical Max Range 200m
Damage 184 Recoil 2.5º
DPM 8,979 Aim Spread Reduction
DPS 160 Sway
RPM 48.85 Spread
Rate of Fire 2.5 Shots/s Noise Range 45m
Equip Time 1s AoE Radius 5m
Reload Time 3.5s Max Charge Time 1.5s
Crit Chance 40% Ammo Per Shot 5
Crit Damage 115% Special Effects Knockback
Post Armor Multiplier 110% Condition (MAX) 5,000/5,000


Special Delivery Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:

  • Mod 1
  • Mod 2


Where to Find & Location

  • Can be acquired by killing Charles From Accounting at Gordon Canyon's Marauder Outpost (The buildings farthest to the East, then South. Left when you are coming up to OCI Lower Exterior)
  • Location 2


Special Delivery Notes


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    • Anonymous

      Solid gun for companions, just tell em to follow from a distance as this weapon is not ideal for close combat engagements.

      • Anonymous

        Save before starting the encounter with Charles From Accounting!

        There is a bug where Charles' inventory is empty apart from his moon helmet (even if you try to pickpocket him).
        The weird part is, that he will still apparently use Special Delivery during a fight.

        If you encounter this bug first try reloading the save.
        If that doesn't work: fast travel back to the Unreliable, travel to another planet (Scylla is close by), then come back and check again.

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