Special Weapon Effects

 Type Combat Stat

Special Weapon Effects in The Outer Worlds is a Combat Stat. Combat Stats are passives, stats, objects or abilities that affect how the player interacts with the world.


Special Weapon Effects Information:

  • Some Weapons can apply special effects to enemies which are listed within the weapon's tooltip.
  • Most weapon special effects are applied by using Tactical Time Dilation Location Hits while rare weapons have a chance to apply the effect in regular use.
  • You can check "Special Effects" on Weapons to check what kind of effect will be applied.
  • Weapon Special Effects:
    • Bleed – Deals damage over time and reduces Body attributes. Does not apply to Automechanicals.
    • Burn – Deals damage over time.
    • Execute – Has a small chance of eliminating the target. Thanks to the user “PuffyThePenguin” for the tip.
    • Knockback – Knocks the target to the ground, making them unable to take any action for a short time.
    • Knockout – Knocks the target to the ground, rendering them unconscious for a few seconds.
    • Stagger  – Pushes the target back a short distance, reducing Melee, Ranged, and Defence Skills, and increases the amount of Physical Damage received.
    • Stun – Unable to attack for a short time.
    • Weaken - Lowers all Skills a moderate amount and target takes increased Plasma, Shock, Corrosion, and N-ray damage.




Notes and Tips:

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