Spectrum Gatling

spectrum gatling science weapon the outer worlds wiki guide
Company Manufacturer Unknown
DPS  140
Item Lvl  30
Skill Long Guns
Damage 70
Magazine Size 80
Special Effects Stagger
Modifications -
Weight 4.00
Sell Value 1,000

Spectrum Gatling is a Science Weapon obtainable in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds.


Developed in Rizzo's Research & Development District Labs, this mini-gun is both inspired and powered by Rizzo's Spectrum Vodka! Shoot some vodka shots and "Taste the Painbow!"™


Spectrum Gatling Information

  • This weapon slowly builds up its rate of fire, alternating Damage Type with each shot. The number of Damage Types used is based off of the wielder's Science skill.


The following table displays additional information about the weapon capabilities:

Type Value Type Value
Ammo Type Light Magazine Size 80
Skill Long Guns Effective Range 25m
Damage Type Physical Max Range 200m
Damage 70 Recoil
DPM 7,814 Aim Spread Reduction
DPS 140 Sway
RPM 111.63 Spread
Rate of Fire 2 Shots/s Noise Range 40m
Equip Time 0.75s AoE Radius 0m
Reload Time 3.5s Max Charge Time 0s
Crit Chance 40% Ammo Per Shot
Crit Damage 115% Special Effects Stagger 
Post Armor Multiplier 100% Condition (MAX) 4,000/4,000 


Spectrum Gatling Mods:

The Following Mods can be equipped in this weapon:

  • N/A


Where to Find & Location


Spectrum Gatling Notes


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    • Anonymous

      The strongest weapon of the game. There is literally no other weapon that can shred as efficiently & as quickly as this

      • Anonymous

        The game says it's dps is low due to the inital windup but with max 150 long guns and science this thing is busted. Definitely the strongest weapon in the dlc.

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